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Introducing you to the most beautiful hidden places in Japan accompanied by restaurants that offer delicious vegetarian options


Japan’s Best Places to Visit in Each Prefecture

Nowadays, when you travel in Japan, do you find yourself surrounded by tourists from your country? If that is the case, explore Japan's hidden gems with us!

Sabo Mameya Obuse Nagano Vegetarian Dining

Discover Vegetarian and Vegan-Friendly Restaurants

As a vegetarian or vegan, the biggest challenge when traveling in Japan is meat-free food isn't easy to come by. But we have got you covered! Refer to our Vegetarian Dining Category for restaurants that offer amazing vegan/vegetarian dishes!


Transportation in Japan

Transportation in Japan can be confusing. Especially in Tokyo and Osaka, many railway companies operating in the same area, the railway maps look like a huge maze to foreigners. So, refer to our articles under the Transportation Category for tips on how to navigate Japan's complicated transportation system!

Do You Find Planning Your Next Japan Trip Overwhelming?

As seasoned travelers in the country, we have a lot of hard-won knowledge and a deep appreciation for Japan. To spread the love and help you on your journey, we have started this website, which has all the information you need to make your trip to Japan both easy and memorable. We have ensured that there is nothing you will miss out on when deciding which cities or destinations are for you.

This is our Japan Bible; jam-packed with tips, tricks, transportation information, and even seasonal differences for every single attraction. We will be referring back to it ourselves when we visit Japan again – and who knows, maybe you will be joining us on our next Japan adventure!

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Plan Your Next Japan Trip With Us!

There is a lot of information out there about the big cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto, which are easy to research for any tourist. However, if you want to venture out of the city centers, it can be harder to plan, especially if the attraction’s website is only in Japanese or worse, doesn’t even have one.

This is where we come to your rescue! Mostly spending our time in Japan outside of big cities, the articles on Vegetarian’s Japan Guide have a focus on all the hidden gems and off-the-beaten-track places. What this usually means is they are not conveniently located next to major train stations. As a result, each of the spots we introduce in our articles comes with detailed access information for public transportation. As the train and/or timetables in rural areas usually come in Japanese only, we have included the names of the stations and bus stops in Japanese characters so those who don’t understand Japanese can still use the timetables published on the official websites to plan their trips.

Are You After a Restaurant That Offer Both Vegan and Non-Vegan Options?

As most people know, Japan boasts about its mouthwatering cafes and restaurants spread all over the country. Almost no café or restaurant in Japan has bad food! 

But as we are vegetarians, we only include restaurants that are vegetarian or vegan-friendly. If a restaurant offers gluten-free options, we point it out, too. So, our website is particularly useful if you are a vegetarian or a vegan, or will visit Japan with one.

Click the photo to discover the vegan or vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Japan!

Our Articles Can Mainly Be Divided into Two Categories:

For the articles that include all the awesome places worthwhile a visit, the list is usually sorted in a fashion that starts with the attraction closest to the main transport hub. The further down the list, the more time you will need to spend on transportation to get there.

How Our Japan Travel Articles Are Categorized

You will notice that each of our articles is classified under a few categories. Apart from the location categories that sort attractions by prefecture, those categories also tell you what a place is known for. For example, Miyajima in Hiroshima Prefecture is not only World Heritage listed but also boasts stunning cherry blossom and autumn sceneries. It is also a great place to enjoy hiking. Therefore, the article about Miyajima is classed into those categories.

The same concept applies to city/townwide articles. If you can enjoy skiing or watersports in the area, they will also appear under those categories.

Discover the Top Ranked and Designated Spots in Japan

Once in a while, popular travel magazines in Japan will publish the survey results of the best destinations for a specific interest. Whether it is Japanese castles, mountains, waterfalls, or even sunsets and sunrises, they have a ranking for almost everything in the country!

To us foreign travelers, the survey results serve as a good guide as an attraction must need a certain level of popularity to rank. So, we also have some categories that indicate this guide, such as the below:

The same idea applies to the nationally designated spots. But this time, it isn’t from a survey but by government officials.

Japan Travel Tips and Japanese Travel Phrases

If you are planning your first Japan visit, refer to our Japan Travel Tips articles that have information about what you want to know before you try to map out what your upcoming Japan trip might look like. As Japan has a very different culture compared to western countries, we have some articles that let you know the etiquette for you to keep in mind so that you can be a great visitor.

As many Japanese don’t speak fluent English, there are also articles on Japanese travel phrases for you to learn some useful Japanese sentences before you go. Those articles will also be helpful if you are having trouble communicating. All you will need to do is point to one of the phrases on the article for the counterparty to point their answer back to you!

We Are Always Here to Help You Plan Your Next Japan Trip!

If you have any questions after reading our articles or having trouble communicating with the local service providers such as ryokans or kimono rental shops, contact us through our enquiry form. We are more than happy to lend our hands and be the bridge between you and Japan!

Even if it is a website of an attraction that you can’t understand because it is purely in Japanese, we can look for the information on the website that you need for your planning.

One thing to note is we won’t be able to call the facility on your behalf because it costs a fortune to call internationally (unless you are happy to cover the charges). If it is about booking a restaurant or sightseeing taxis, we recommend you to get the staff at your hotel reception to do this for you.