Komatsu City and Its Stunning Landscape and Craftworks


The name Komatsu probably makes you think of construction sites and the global manufacturing company. And most people might know about Komatsu City (小松市) in Ishikawa Prefecture that the manufacturing company has a long presence in, or Komatsu Airport. But what you might not be aware of is the city actually boasts beautiful natural landscapes, traditional crafts, and some unique attractions that you won’t want to miss out on. So once you land at the airport, instead of catching a direct bus to Kanazawa straightaway, you might want to check out the below attractions first!

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Hakusan City – A Paradise for Hikers and Paragliders


Hakusan City (白山市) is a city in Ishikawa Prefecture filled with breathtaking scenery. One of Japan’s most sacred mountains – Mt. Hakusan – stands to one side of the city. The city, naturally, has numerous hiking trails with various difficulties that suit a wide range of age groups. The city also features one of Japan’s best places for paragliding. Other attractions include Kaga Province’s largest shrine, a scenic gorge that isn’t known by many, a dinosaur museum, one of the most popular cherry blossom spots in Ishikawa Prefecture, and more!

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Hakusan Shirakawagō White Road Complete Guide


The World Heritage Shirakawagō is now a really popular tourist destination in Japan. Quite often, people will visit this fairytale-like village by catching a bus or driving from Kanazawa. Many tourists take the normal highway. But unbeknownst to them (and us when we first visited Shirakawagō), there is also a really scenic toll road that goes through the magnificent local mountain ranges that would be a shame to miss out on!

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Hiking Mt. Hakusan, One of Japan’s Top Three Sacred Mountain


With an altitude of 2702 metres, Mt. Hakusan (or Mt. Haku (白山)) is one of the top three mountains in Japan along with Mt. Fuji (富士山) and Mt. Tate (立山) of the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route. With picturesque and magnificent scenery along the hiking trails, Mt. Hakusan is a popular hiking destination for any age group.

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Katayamazu Onsen – The Town That Overlooks The Mighty Mt. Haku


Katayamazu Onsen ((片山津温泉)) is a small onsen town created by the reclamation of part of Lake Shibayama (柴山潟) during the Meiji Period (1868 – 1912). The biggest appeal of the town is the stunning view of Mt. Haku or Mt. Hakusan (白山) being reflected on Lake Shibayama on a clear sunny day, which visitors can admire while strolling or cycling on the promenade around the lake. If you are spending a whole day in Katayamazu Onsen, remember to check the colour of the lake throughout the day as the colour of the lake changes dramatically seven times a day (depending on the weather)!

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Yamashiro Onsen – An Onsen Town Where Kutani Ware Revived


Yamashiro Onsen, the biggest onsen town in Kaga, is a popular hot spring destination for onsen aficianados. With facilities providing different types of onsen, tourists often spend the majority of their stay in Yamashiro Onsen, indulging themselves in one onsen pool after another.

The town is also where Kutani-ware was revived. Museums and galleries are scattered throughout the town for all the pottery lovers to explore the history and the beauty of this local specialty.

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Yamanaka Onsen – Where Hot Spring Meets Elegant Lacquerware


Just like its name, Yamanaka Onsen (山中温泉) in Kaga City is located deep in the mountains next to a beautiful hidden valley. First discovered 1,300 years ago by an eminent monk of the time, Gyōki (行基), the place was developed into an onsen district in the late 12th century. Apart from the onsen with great medical benefits and stunning nature, Yamanaka Onsen is also known for Yamanaka lacquerware, making it a perfect spot to enjoy the beauty of both nature and Japanese culture and traditional craft.

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Kaga Onsen – The Charming Onsen Resorts Close to Kanazawa


Kaga City (加賀市), also commonly referred to as Kaga Onsen (加賀温泉) can be sub-divided into six areas, including three main onsen towns, each with unique selling points. The hot spring resorts have a history dating back 1,300 years. There are onsen ryokans with a high-quality of service, and various beautiful, local handicrafts waiting for you to discover and even bring a few back home!

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Noto Peninsula And The Stunning Coastline and Unique Culture

能登金剛 巌門のしあわせのがんもん橋

The Noto Peninsula (能登半島) in Ishikawa Prefecture is rich with nature. The entire peninsula is designated as a national park. The diverse landscape created a unique rural culture that differs from the close-by popular destination – Kanazawa. The best way to explore the peninsula is to do a loop course and discover what each town or city has to offer.

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The Best 7 Days Chūbu Japan Autumn Itinerary


The Chūbu Region (中部地方) that is located in the centre of Japan’s main island – Honshu (本州), is one of the most scenic parts of Japan. As these stunning attractions are mostly situated in mountainous areas, for beautiful autumn foliage, we recommend you embark on your trip between mid to late October.

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