Vegetarian's Japan Guide

Nara Prefecture


Dorokyō – The Stunning Valley that Spans Three Prefectures

Dorokyō Valley (瀞峡), located in the south of Totsukawa Village, is one of the National Places of Scenery Beauty (特別名勝). The picturesque valley remains a hidden gem to most. So if you enjoy various outdoor activities, Dorokyō can be the ideal destination to stop by when you visit the Kansai region!


Yoshino – Where World Heritage Sites Meet Stunning Scenery

There are plenty of attractions in Yoshino District (吉野郡) that are sadly overshadowed by a classic sites like Tōdaiji Temple (東大寺) in Nara Prefecture. It is time to shed light on the very best Yoshino has to offer. If you are fond of cherry blossoms and/or fall foliage, read on!