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Aomori Prefecture


The Top 12 Destinations in Aomori Prefecture

Aomori, Japan’s main island’s northmost prefecture, is filled with stunning landscapes and volcanic mountain ranges. In addition to its many off-the-beaten-path scenic destinations, it is also culturally rich and features two of the country’s best art museums. Read on and discover the top 12 places to visit when you visit Aomori!


Japan’s New World Heritage Sannai Maruyama Historical Site

While the world was panicking about the once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, in March 2021, Aomori Prefecture proudly welcomed another world heritage title. The Sannai Maruyama Special Historical Site (三内丸山遺跡) that completely overturned the understanding of the Jōmon civilization was registered as a part of Jōmon Prehistoric Sites in Northern Japan (北海道・北東北の縄文遺跡群) as a World Heritage.