Plan Your Next Japan Trip – When and Where to Start From


Japan, where traditions, culture, and history meet with the most advanced technology and modern-day conveniences, also has the most picturesque landscape. There is no wonder why Japan has been one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.
So, if you are planning to travel to this beautiful country, here is some very helpful information, advice, and tips for you to keep in mind to plan your visit.

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Proper Train Etiquette in Japan – What You Should Know


With Japan continuing to be one of the top travel destinations in the world, it is always good to know and understand a little bit about train etiquette in the Japanese culture. Keep in mind that the trains in this country are impressively punctual and on time. This is a hallmark of the Japanese culture and with just about everything that they do. They pride themselves on being organized, disciplined and hard-working. Also note that train transportation in this beautiful and intriguing country is remarkably efficient and well designed. With the train system being utilized by millions of people every day, having an understanding of proper train travel etiquette in Japan is essential.

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