Kanazawa Castle – The Throne of the Powerful Maeda Clan


Kanazawa Castle (金沢城) was the residence of the powerful lords of the Maeda Clan (前田氏) who ruled over the Kaga/Kanazawa Domain (加賀藩). Until the end of the Edo period, the Maeda clan had great power and wealth, second only to the Tokugawa clan. Along with the adjacent Kenrokuen Garden (兼六園), it is now one of the major sightseeing spots that represent Kanazawa.

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Fukuchiyama City and the Amazing Scenery All Year Round


Fukuchiyama, in northern Kyoto Prefecture, is a city blessed with abundant nature, hidden cherry blossoms, and autumn foliage destinations. The city, known for its connection with the famous samurai – Akechi Mitsuhide, also is the best spot to admire hydrangeas in early May, and also has a mountain where demons used to reside.

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Fukuchiyama Castle and Why Akechi Mitsuhide was a Good Man


If you are coming to Fukuchiyama by train, you might notice a castle sitting up on the hill from the train’s window. Fukuchiyama Castle (福知山城) is a popular destination and a landmark in northern Kyoto. It was also chosen to be one of the Continued Top 100 Japanese Castles (続日本100名城) by the Japanese Castle Foundation (日本城郭協会)!

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Izushi – A Castle Town that Retains the Past Eras’ Remnants


Izushi (出石) is a quaint town in Toyooka City where you can find traces of Japanese history dating back to the Edo period. Although it might not seem like it now, the castle town used incredibly prosperous. This prosperity earned it the title of Tajima Province’s Little Kyoto! Because the town is sitting atop the train lines, little changes were made to the appearance of the town. This enabled its selection as an important traditional buildings preservation district.

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Akō Castle Ruins – One of Japan’s Top 100 Castles


Many people come to Japan for its magnificent old castles. However, when it comes to castle ruins, we find that many tourists end up skipping them. When we think of castle ruins, we picture tumbledown walls and rocky boulders. Unless notable or famous historical events have taken place there, there aren’t many incentives for international tourists to visit those places.

However, Akō Castle Ruins is different! Designated as a National Historic Site, this castle, which was dismantled in the Meiji Period (1868-1912) by government orders, does have its own unique personality. Due to Akō City’s effort in restoring the castle to its former glory, it has been selected as one of Japan’s Top 100 Castles in 2006!

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Takeda Castle – The Hidden Castle Ruins in the Sky


Japan really is a great island country for its fantastic sceneries. One of them is the Takeda Castle Ruins (竹田城) located up in Mt. Kojōzan (古城山) in Hyōgo Prefecture (兵庫県). Castle ruins may not sound too exciting or appealing to some people, but the location and its rich history got it ranked as one of the Top 100 Castles in Japan! It has also been listed as one of the designated National Important Cultural Properties!

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Sōja City And The Scenic Hidden Gems That Many Don’t Know


If you are after some hidden gems in the Chūgoku area, then come to Sōja City (総社市) in Okayama Prefecture the beautiful nature spots that the non-locals might not be aware of. Apart from the scenic places, you will also find a castle that used to house demons. And at the other side of the city, there is this shrine that has the most unique wooden plaques in Japan!

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Senshu Park – An Unusual Castle Park in Akita City


Just minutes away from JR Akita Station, the Senshu Park isn’t just another park that you can find in Japan. In the park, you will find a castle, a tea ceremony tea house, three shrines, a museum, an art gallery, and even a library! What is even more awesome is the castle has been recognised as one of the best 100 castles in Japan and the cherry blossom scenery in the park is also one of the top 100 cherry blossom spots in the country!

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Bitchū Matsuyama Castle – The Castle Floating In The Sky


Matsuyama Castle in Takahashi City in Okayama is also known as the Takahashi Castle (高梁城). As it can be easily confused with the Matsuyama Castle in Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture, it is more commonly referred to as the Bitchū Matsuyama Castle (備中松山城).

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Takahashi City and the Amazing Sea of Clouds View


Takahashi (高梁市) City in Okayama Prefecture is a great place for anyone who is after some stunning sea of cloud pictures. Within the city, it has not one, but two spots where you have a high chance of capturing the stunning weather phenomenon. On one side of the city, you might even have a sunrise over the sea of clouds. And on the other side of the city, prepare yourself to see a castle floating in the sky!

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