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World Heritage


Mt. Shirakami and the Picturesque Jūniko Lake

Continuing from our article on Mt. Shirakami, which introduced the world-class virgin beech forest and beautiful waterfalls on the east side of the vast mountain area, this time, we want to introduce the gorgeous Jūniko Lake area on the west to you!


Chūsonji Temple – The Treasure Trove of Heian Buddhism

Hiraizumi Town (平泉町), which once rivaled Kyoto‘s refined culture and elegant surroundings in the 12th century, is now the hometown of a World Heritage, Chūsonji Temple (中尊寺). The same as Motsuji Temple not too far away, it was also founded by Jikaku Daishi (慈覚大師) in 850 based on Pure Land Buddhism.


A Guide to Shurijō Castle – The Spiritual Symbol of Okinawa

Shurijō (首里城), a world heritage castle in Okinawa and Japan’s National Historic Site, was the residence of the Ryūkyū Kingdom’s king from 1429 to 1879. Prior to the last king of Ryūkyū surrendering Okinawa to the Meiji government, the castle was the center of the island’s political, diplomatic, and cultural center for centuries.