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Snow Scenery


Hachimantai – The Dragon Eye and the Amazing Natural Wonders

Hachimantai (八幡平) in Towada-Hachimantai National Park (十和田八幡平国立公園) is a magnificent patch of nature on the prefectural border between Iwate (岩手) and Akita (秋田). While the fall foliage scenery is better on the Akita side of Hachimantai, the summit of Mt. Hachimantai and many of the natural wonders are located in Iwate prefecture.


Mt. Moriyoshi – The Stunning Scenery and the Snow Monsters

Situated in northeastern Japan, the famous Mt. Zao (蔵王山) in Yamagata Prefecture (山形県) and Mt. Hakkoda (八甲田) in Aomori Prefecture (青森県) are well known for the “Snow Monsters” that take shape over trees and branches. However, one of the drawbacks of being so well known is its tendency to be crowded…


Kenrokuen – Explore Japan’s Most Famous Garden

Amongst The Three Great Gardens of Japan, Kenrokuen Garden (兼六園) in Kanazawa is probably the most famous (with the other two being the Kōrakuen (後樂園) in Okayama Prefecture and the Kairakuen (偕樂園) in Ibaraki Prefecture). This National Place of Scenery Beauty is practically the symbol of the city, if not the entire Ishikawa Prefecture!