Amanohashidate – One of the Top Three Scenic Places in Japan


Amanohashidate (天橋立), elected to be one of the Three Views of Japan (日本三景, Nihon Sankei), is one of the celebrated scenic sites in Japan that most Japanese would love to visit at least once in their life. The place is just stunning throughout the year. There is cherry blossom in spring, maple leaves in autumn, the area is even more beautiful when the sandbar and the surrounding area are covered in white snow!

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Kurama & Kibune – The Hidden Gems in the Mountain of Kyoto


If you ever wonder whether there is a spot that is naturally cool in Kyoto, then read on! Mt. Kurama and Kibune located at the northernmost part of Kyoto are where the locals head to when they want to escape the summer heat. Having the Kawadoko (川床) dining at Kibune on the platform built above the river after wandering around the area is the best way to spend a summer day in Kyoto!

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Appi Kogen – The Biggest Resort in Northeast Japan


Located in the western part of Iwate prefecture in the Northeast of Japan, Appi Kogen (安比高原) is an alluringly beautiful place for relaxing walks along the plateau from Spring to Autumn. When the region transforms into a winter wonderland, many flocks to Appi Kogen for skiing or snowboarding on its high-quality snow! (Appi Ski Resort is said to be comparable with the resorts in Hokkaido!)

If you enjoy spending time with nature and love outdoor activities, then Appi Kogen in Iwate prefecture is definitely a spot that you won’t want to miss out on (^_-)-☆.

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Hachimantai – The Dragon Eye and Other Amazing Natural Wonders


Hachimantai (八幡平) in Towada-Hachimantai National Park (十和田八幡平国立公園) is a magnificent patch of nature on the prefectural border between Iwate (岩手) and Akita (秋田). Whilst it is said that the autumn foliage scenery is better at the Akita side of Hachimantai, the summit of Mt. Hachimantai and a lot of the natural wonders are located in Iwate prefecture.

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Nyūtō Onsen and the 7 Unique Ryokans Deep in the Mountain


Nyūtō Onsen (乳頭温泉郷) is a rural hot spring resort in Akita prefecture (秋田県) that consists of six ryokans and one hotel, each having its own history, style and, spring quality. Listed as one of the 100 Japan Hidden Scenic Spots (日本の秘境100選), the resort is quietly nestled deep in the mountain at the base of Mt. Nyūtō.

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Lake Tazawa – An Unfrozen Beautiful Azure Colour Lake


Lake Tazawa (田沢湖), with a depth of 422.4 meters, is the deepest lake in Japan. The 6 kilometers wide caldera lake was formed due to a volcano eruption. Because of its depth, the lake can absorb a lot of heat in summer that even in the snowy winter, the surface of the lake will never be frozen!

Similar to Lake Towada, there are campsites and water-related leisure facilities that will definitely attract a lot of outdoor sports lovers. The Tatsuko statue at the lakeshore is the symbol of Lake Tazawa. The view of its golden colour contrasting the surrounding clear blue water is another reason for tourists to list Lake Tazawa in their itineraries!

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Bukeyashiki Street – Kakunodate’s Perfect Spot for History Buffs


Just like its name, the houses where Samurai used to reside are lining up on Bukeyashiki Street (武家屋敷通り)!

A couple of these 200-year old traditional houses are open to the public. Finding the differences in the construction of the houses between the home of top-ranked samurai, middle-ranked samurai, and lower-ranked samurai can be really fun!

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Mt Moriyoshi – The Stunning Scenery and the Snow Monsters


Situated in northeastern Japan, the famous Mt. Zao (蔵王山) in Yamagata prefecture (山形県) and Mt. Hakkoda (八甲田) in Aomori prefecture (青森県) are well known for the “Snow Monsters” that take shape over trees and branches. However, one of the drawbacks of being so well known is its tendency to be crowded…

Mt. Moriyoshi (森吉山) in the Akita prefecture (秋田県) is the next among the top three locations for finding the snow monsters that form as a result of the unique weather phenomenon. With it being less famous, it stands to reason that it is less packed! If we only get to go to one of them, we would definitely go to Mt. Moriyoshi. As a bonus, you get to play with the super cute mascot dog Hokuto! (≧▽≦).

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Your Ultimate Kanazawa Travel Guide


Kanazawa City (金沢市), the capital of Ishikawa Prefecture, is probably the most lively city in the entire Hokuriku region (北陸地方) in the north-western part of Japan’s main island – Honshu. Producing 90% of gold leaf (金箔) in Japan, this prosperous city has its own unique culture such as the way fabrics are dyed and the Kaga Hōshō school (加賀宝生) of Noh theatre. The city is also known for the best Japanese garden in the world, which enchants its visitors throughout the year.

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Kenrokuen – Explore Japan’s Most Famous Garden


Amongst the Three Great Gardens of Japan, Kenrokuen Garden (兼六園) is probably the most famous (with the other two being the Kōrakuen (後樂園) in Okayama Prefecture and the Kairakuen (偕樂園) in Ibaraki Prefecture). This National Places of Scenery Beauty is practically the symbol of Kanazawa if not, the entire Ishikawa Prefecture.

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