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Fun Activities at Yōkina Kasan no Mise Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s markets can be found everywhere in the world, with some of them being the size of a football stadium. The ones that you have been to may have a range of fresh products, but probably none of them offers cultural activities like Yōkina Kasan no Mise (陽気な母さんの店) in Ōdate city (大館市)!


Encounter the Most Delicious Chestnut Sweets at Obusedō

Obuse, a small town in Nagano prefecture, famous for its chestnut produce and a large variety of chestnut sweets, is a must-go for all sweet tooths! And among all the sweets shops in Obuse, Obusedō (小布施堂) is probably the most famous sweets maker.

Miyakoyasai Kamo Temari Sushi Kyoto Japan

The Cutest Vegan Temari Sushi at Miyakoyasai Kamo

Miyakoyasai Kamo (都野菜 賀茂) is a restaurant located in Karasuma, Kyoto, that focuses its menu on fresh vegetables sourced locally in Kyoto. Depending on your appetite, the good or bad thing is that it is a you-can-eat-style restaurant.