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COYOTE the ordinary shop and the Incredible Vegan Egg Toast

COYOTE the ordinary shop (コヨーテ ザ オーディナリー ショップ) is your best option if you are after a plant-based café close to Kyoto Station. It is a café loved by almost everyone who visits it. Located on the ground floor of the building opposite Kyoto Station, getting there is easy. The internal decoration and the bright sunlight from the glass wall create an open and relaxing atmosphere. The staff here are friendly and will greet you soon after you enter, making you feel welcome. Most importantly, the coffee and vegan egg toast here are phenomenal!

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About COYOTE the ordinary shop

COYOTE is particular about only using coffee beans from El Salvador. To ensure the quality of the beans, the owner spent more than a year with coffee bean farmers in El Salvador and sourced the beans from those he could trust. Because the owner knows the farmer personally, the staff at the café have a rich knowledge of the beans and their flavors.

If you order a cup of single-origin coffee, a card with the farmer’s sketch is even placed next to the coffee served!

There are usually a couple of different kinds of beans you can choose from. Depending on the type of coffee that the beans are used to brew, a variety of flavors are offered by the coffee shop.

If you are unsure what coffee beans you want your drink to be brewed from, go with the Quick Coffee (本日のコーヒー), which is today’s special. Or you can ask for beans with a fruity flavor if you aren’t a coffee person.

COYOTE’s Food Menu

Besides the coffee topped with oat milk, the must-try savory menu is the Vegan Egg Toast (ヴィーガンたまごサンド). You might doubt the taste of the vegan mayonnaise egg and whether it resembles the real thing. Wait until you try it. The texture and taste are very similar to real eggs!

If they weren’t told, one would have assumed the Egg Toast was made with real eggs. Putting the pumpkin and tofu-based vegan mayo egg on a piece of toast makes the dish phenomenal.

Other baked items like vegan cookies, muffins, and banana bread are also available at COYOTE.

Tip: COYOTE’s Earl Grey blueberry muffin is moist and incredible.

Our Visit to COYOTE the ordinary shop

Ever since we became vegetarians, we couldn’t eat Japan’s famous egg toast anymore. So, when we learned that there is a vegan version, we were really excited. Wanting to try the egg toast, we squeezed out 30 minutes from the itinerary. It was a great decision to stop by COYOTE after taking the Sagano Romantic Train and before exploring the Kyoto Imperial Palace and the Kyoto Gyoen National Garden.

The café wasn’t packed when we got there. A relaxing vibe was created by the light background music and coffee’s nice aroma.

As expected, the Vegan Egg Toast was really tasty. The pumpkin perfectly reproduced the egg’s creamy texture. Surprisingly, it didn’t have any pumpkin taste!

Although there is no toilet in the café, the one next door in Kyoto Campus Plaza is very clean.

COYOTE’s Business Hours and Access Information

  • COYOTE is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    • The last order is at 4:30 p.m.
  • The café is a 2-minute walk from Kyoto Station.

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