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Explore Roadside Station Genbikei & Ichinoseki City Museum

The Roadside Station Genbikei (道の駅 厳美渓) is a large complex with several facilities, including a farmers’ market, Restaurant Pattankun, and Ichinoseki City Museum. Located just a 5 to 10-minute walk from the spectacular Genbikei Gorge, it is a perfect resting spot after exploring the gorge.

Restaurant Pettankun (ペッタンくん)

Like many other local restaurants, Pettankun also serves Ichinoseki’s famous Mochizen. Note non-vegetarian broth is used to cook the Ozōni that comes with the Mochizen. If you don’t want to eat it, the Wafu Mochi Set (和風餅セット) is a better option. The set only comes with 8 different flavored mochi and a bowl of soup. You can ask the staff only to give you the vegetarian flavors.

For dessert, order a soft-serve cone that has a rich milky taste!

Note the restaurant is popular, so it might be packed when you arrive. Ordering and payment are through a ticket vending machine. Half of the ticket is given to the staff. When your order is ready, the staff will call out the number printed on the ticket. Thus, it is best to ask the staff to call out the number in English if you don’t understand Japanese.

Tip: The Mochi buffet is held on the 4th Friday of the month.

Roadside Station Genbikei’s Opening Hours and Access Information

  • Roadside Station Genbikei is open from
    • 9 am to 6 pm from April to October
    • 9 am to 5 pm from November to March
    • It is closed on the 3rd Wednesday from November to February.
  • Restaurant Pettankun is open from 10:30 am to 4 pm.
    • The last order is taken at 4 pm.
  • Roadside Station Genbikei is a 5 to 10-minute walk from Genbikei Gorge. If you come from JR Ichinoseki Station (一ノ関駅), get off Genbikei (厳美渓). The bus trip takes around 20 minutes.

Ichinoseki City Museum (一関市博物館)

Ⓒ 一関市観光協会

Next to Roadside Station Genbikei, the Ichinoseki City Museum is where you can get a good idea of the history and culture of Ichinoseki City and the achievements of those born here.

In particular, the museum has a wide collection of famous samurai swords and armor. You can even see a sword called Mokusakaji (舞草鍛冶). The sword made in the mid-Heian period is said to be the model of the Japanese sword that we commonly see today. The Mokusa school’s blacksmith is thus known as the Birthplace of the Japanese Sword.

The current characteristics of a Japanese sword are set by the end of the Heian period (794 – 1185). Before that, the swords used in Japan mostly had no curve and were double-edged.

© 一般社団法人東北観光推進機構
© 一般社団法人東北観光推進機構

The permanent exhibitions are divided by theme. Special exhibitions, workshops, and other events are held frequently too.

Important: English notation is limited in the museum.

Ichinoseki City Museum’s Opening Hours and Admission Fee

  • Ichinoseki City Museum is open from 9 am to 5 pm from Tuesday to Sunday.
    • The last admission is at 4:30 pm.
    • If Monday is a public holiday, the museum will close on the next business day.
  • Ichinoseki City Museum’s admission fees are:
    • 200 yen for senior high school and university students
    • 300 yen for adults

Discover Other Attractions in Ichinoseki

Of course, Sake Brewery Sekino Ichi isn’t the only recommended spot in Ichinoseki to visit. The city has a wealth of beautiful natural landscapes and is the perfect destination for a weekend getaway from the big city’s hustle and bustle.

So refer to our article on Ichinoseki to further plan your visit!

Click the photo for more information about Ichinoseki’s attractions!

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