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How to Spend a Night at Kansai Airport and Layover Tips

If your flight arrives late at night or departs really early in the morning from the Kansai International Airport, spending a night at the airport can be an option. Depending on your budget, you can choose between the benches/chairs in the airport terminal, cozier lounges or capsule/business hotels at Aeroplaza, which is just two buildings away. These facilities are open for day visitors waiting for their connecting flights.

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Where You Can Sleep and Shower at Kansai International Airport

Currently, all Kansai International Airport’s accommodation and shower facilities are located at Aeroplaza. The three main facilities are:

The Kansai Airport is not close to Osaka’s city center. If you need to transit there but don’t have enough time to explore Osaka, you can utilize the above facilities as a day visitor.

Tip: If you want to save money, utilize the Benches and Chairs in Kansai Airport Terminal 1 for a night and refresh yourself by using either KIX Airport Café Lounge NODOKA or First Cabin Kansai Airport‘s shower/bath facility in the morning.

Aeroplaza (エアロプラザ)

Aeroplaza is a large complex that accommodates travellers so they can rest comfortably. The accommodation facilities are open 24/7, and you can check in anytime. The length of stay is also flexible. Whether you only want to lie down for a few hours or reserve a spot to spend the night in, head to Aeroplaza, as the facilities there can accommodate. Restaurants at Aeroplaza also have longer opening hours.

Getting to the Aeroplaza is easy. All you need to do is cross the sky bridge from the JR or Nankai’s Kansai Airport Station!

KIX Airport Café Lounge NODOKA (KIXエアポート カフェラウンジ NODOKA)


Among all the accommodation and lounge options on the Kansai Airport’s grounds, KIX Airport Café Lounge NODOKA is the option with the highest CP value. It has a range of seating options. Whether you want to lie down, sit down for a rest, or somewhere private to work remotely, Café Lounge NODOKA can cater!

For more information, refer to our article on KIX Airport Café Lounge NODOKA!

First Cabin Kansai Airport (ファーストキャビン関西空港)

For a more comfortable stay, book a night with First Cabin Kansai Airport. Like the airplane, you can choose between the First Class Cabin and Business Class Cabin. Compared to a capsule hotel, you have wider space, a proper bed, and a higher ceiling.

There is also a 32-inch TV! While the cabins are not lockable, there is a small safety box underneath the bed. Male and female floors are also completely separated.

For more information, refer to our article on First Cabin Kansai Airport!

Benches/Chairs in the Public Area in Kansai Airport

If you don’t mind sleeping in public areas, the airport has long benches that you can lie down on.

  • Around the Lawson at Terminal 1’s 2nd floor
    • As the convenience store is located next to the police station, this will give you more reassurance as to your safety.
  • International departure lobby at Terminal 1’s 4th floor
  • Domestic departure lobby at Terminal 1’s 2nd floor
  • Terminal 1’s arrival hall

☛ Check with the staff to see if the free blanket renting service is back on.
☛ There are wire ropes attached under the benches at Kansai Airport. You can use it to tie your luggage to the bench and lock it with a padlock.

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The Shower Facilities at Kansai International Airport

Hotels With Free Airport Shuttle Bus

For those who prefer to stay at a proper hotel, there are options that provide free shuttle bus services to/from Kansai International Airport. Staying at one of these following hotels is particularly recommended, especially if you want a good night’s sleep!

Important: Please let the hotel know that you need to utilize the free shuttle bus services beforehand. Most of them run on a specific timetable which may not suit your itinerary.

How to Get to Kyoto/Osaka from Kansai International Airport

Click the photo for information about how to get to Kyoto/Osaka from Kansai Airport or vice versa!

If this will be your first time landing at or departing from Kansai International Airport, it might be confusing as to how to travel from the airport to the city center of Kyoto or Osaka as there seem to be so many options that you can choose from!

Refer to our Kansai Airport Access Methods article for a better understanding of the different ways to travel between Kyoto or Osaka and Kansai International Airport. We have also included the analysis of which options will suit different types of tourists!

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