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Kameoka Fog Terrace: Kyoto’s Best Spot to See Adore Sea of Clouds

Because Kameoka City (亀岡市) is situated in a basin, it is usually covered by a thick fog in the morning from late autumn to early spring. The locals refer to the fog in Kameoka as Tamba Fog (丹波霧), and the fantastic sea of clouds scenery earned Kameoka the title of “The City of Fog” (霧の都)!

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Kameoka Fog Terrace (かめおか霧のテラス)

Ⓒ 亀岡市観光協会

So, where is the best spot in Kameoka to see the amazing view of the sea of clouds?

The answer is the Kameoka Fog Terrace. It is located south of Kameoka Station, close to the summit of Tatsugaoyama or Mt. Tatsugao (竜ヶ尾山). When the weather conditions are right, it will feel like the terrace is floating above the clouds when you are there!

How Do I Know if I Can See the Sea of Clouds at Kameoka Fog Terrace

The thick Tamba Fog has the greatest chance of appearing when the below conditions are met:

  • From dawn to early morning between October to March
  • When there is a large temperature difference between nighttime and daytime
  • When it is not windy or rainy

As the sun rises, the temperature will as well. The higher the temperature, the faster the fog disappears. We recommend that you try to get there before 10 am!

If you accidentally overslept and are wondering if you should still head out, check out the live camera HERE to confirm (=゚ω゚)ノ.

But even without the clouds, the terrace that oversees Kameoka City will still give you a magnificent view of the area!

Ⓒ 亀岡市観光協会

How to Get to the Kameoka Fog Terrace

The easiest way to access the Kameoka Fog Terrace is by car. The alternative is hiking. If you plan to drive, note that the mountain road leading to the terrace is quite narrow and windy. Also, visibility can be poor due to the heavy fog, so please drive slowly and carefully!

In winter, the road is likely frozen or covered by snow. Thus, make sure you have the right tyres before heading out.

To get to Kameoka Fog Terrace by public transport from JR Kameoka Station (亀岡駅), take Keihan Kyoto Kotsū (京阪京都交通) along route 57 or 60 and get off at Nanjōkyoku-mae (南条局前).

  • Please refer to pages 68 – 70 HERE for the service’s timetable.
  • “平日” means weekdays.
  • “土休日” means weekends and public holidays.
  • Download one of the Japan Transport Apps to plan your visit.

Our Visit to Kameoka Fog Terrace

When we were in Kameoka, we stayed at Sun Royal Hotel Kameoka Ekimae. After we woke up, we checked the live camera on the terrace. But it wasn’t helpful as the sky was still dark. Nonetheless, we got out of bed and by the time we were ready to head out, the area outside the hotel was foggy.

The great news was that the terrace was above the thick layer of fog. We got on a taxi from JR Kameoka Station and arrived at Kameoka Fog Terrace in around 15 minutes. The trip cost 2,330 yen. We paid with our WISE Card.

There were already around 20 people on the terrace when we got there. A couple of them had professional cameras and were taking photos non-stop. If we got there early enough, we would be able to see the amazing view of the sunrise from the Kameoka Fog Terrace.

Most people got there by self-driving. If that is also your plan, follow the instructions of the traffic controllers to park your car at the parking space nearby. According to the taxi driver, you won’t be charged.

Around a 10-minute walk down from Kaemoka Fog Terrace, another lookout exists. As most people are unaware of its existence, if you are not in a rush, check it out!

Note that if you visit Kameoka Fog Terrace by taxi, you will need to call Kyoto Taxi Co., Ltd at 0771-25-1000 for your return trip. The Taxi Go and Uber apps do not work in Kameoka. If you plan to visit the lookout, let them know that you are at the small car park close to Kameoka Fog Terrace. The company will call you back when a driver is on his way.

Discover Other Parts of Kameoka City

Click the photo to find out more about this stunning spot!

Arashiyama is one of the most popular destinations in Kyoto. But Kameoka City’s scenery is just as amazing as what you can get in Arashiyama, if not better. And the best thing is that it is only half as crowded!

If you want to visit Kameoka Fog Terrace, how about discovering a couple of attractions in Kameoka before taking the Hozugawa River Boat or the Sagano Romantic Train back to Arashiyama?

For more information about the city, please refer to our Kameoka City article (=゚ω゚)ノ.

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