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Shima Onsen’s Best Ryokan: Tokiwasure no Yado Yoshimoto

Although Tokiwasure no Yado Yoshimoto (時わすれの宿 佳元) in Shima Onsen requires some extra walking if you take public transportation, it is a ryokan that you will definitely love! While staying at Tokiwasure no Yado Yoshimoto isn’t exactly cheap, the experience is worth your money! The service, the food, the view, and the ryokan itself are all absolutely top-notch!

Ⓒ 時わすれの宿 佳元

Your amazing time at the ryokan starts as soon as you cross the entrance. Instead of couches, you will be welcomed by an elegantly decorated traditional-style lounge with two hearths.

Upon arrival, homemade tea confectionary is served. If you prefer alcoholic drinks, there is an shōchū-tasting corner at the back of the hearth!

Living up to the ryokan’s name, the luxurious special guestrooms will surely make you lose track of time during your stay, especially the ones with a private bathtub with a mountain view! Even if you only managed to book one of the standard guestrooms, the spacious corner room will still give you an amazing experience!

The food served during your stay will be mouthwatering. And if you stay for more than one night, the ryokan won’t bore you with the same menu as different dishes will be served (^_-)-☆.

In addition to the half-open air gender-separated baths, the private bath features beautiful stained glass windows, creating a fantastic vibe for the users to enjoy. And no, there are no extra charges to utilize the bath called Kōsen no Yu (幸泉の湯). As long as it is vacant from 6 am to 11 pm, you are welcome to bathe in it anytime!

But please limit your private session to 30 minutes each time so that others can get a chance to enjoy Kōsen no Yu too. You are always welcome to come back as many times as you want after that!

Tokiwasure no Yado Yoshimoto’s Rental Bicycle Service

  • Tokiwasure no Yado Yoshimoto rents out bicycles to its guests for free.
  • The rental cost is 1,000 yen for 2 hours if you are not a hotel guest. 400 yen is payable for every extra hour afterwards.
  • The service is available between 10 am and 5 pm. The last admission is at 4 pm.

Tips for Staying at Tokiwasure no Yado Yoshimoto

  • Let the ryokan know about your special dietary requirements 3 days before your arrival by emailing them at: [email protected]. If you have other special requests, please let the hotel know as well, as the hotel might be able to accommodate (^_-)-☆.
  • Special perks can be earned if you promote Tokiwasure no Yado on social media. For more information, refer to the official website HERE. You can translate it using Google Chrome’s translation function at the right of the address bar.
  • There are special stools and buckets available at the public bath for young children.
  • If you find the hot spring temperature in your room not ideal or suitable to your liking, please notify the staff. They should be able to adjust it for you. This is for those who have reserved a room with a private bath.

How to Get to Tokiwasure no Yado Yoshimoto

  • Tokiwasure no Yado Yoshimoto is a 10-minute walk from the bus stop, Shima Onsen.

Important: Because Tokiwasure no Yado Yoshimoto only has eight guestrooms, please reserve as early as possible, as the ryokan is very popular!

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