Genbikei Gorge – A Place to Feel the Greatness of Nature


Genbikei Gorge (厳美渓) is one of the two most stunning nature spots in Iwate Prefecture. Like most of the nature spots of the mountains in Japan, it comes with an awesome autumn foliage view in autumn. In winter, it is a snowy wonderland.

But for Genbikei Gorge, it is also a great spot to appreciate cherry blossoms as well! And to add to the awesomeness, the trees that you will be seeing were believed to be planted by the regional ruler of the area (also a famous Samurai) – Date Masamune, dated back in the early-1600s (゜o゜).

The view of Genbikei Gorge is so beautiful that Date Masamune (ruler of the region between the late 1500s and early-1600s) praised its beauty the same as one of the Three Views of Japan – Matsushima (which is under his reign at the time). It has been said that he loved the Gorge so much that he visited Genbikei Gorge many times during his life.

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