Ikeda City – A Laid-Back City with a Long History in Osaka


When people talk about Osaka, they talk about all the great food from Dōtonbori, the Universal Studio Japan, and whole a lot more! Basically, the second-largest metropolitan area in Japan is a great place to have fun while accompanied by its mouth-watering food.

But what if you want a bit of cultural element and quietness but simply can’t be bothered to go all the way to Kyoto?

Come to Ikeda city (池田市), located at the north of the prefecture! Although it is only 20 minutes away by Hankyū Train from Umeda, the lifestyle there is comparatively relaxing. It is also a nice place to indulge yourself in nature and the local history (=゚ω゚)ノ.

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Minoh Park – The Beautiful Nature Park in Osaka


Whether you are a regular visitor or are discovering Minoh Park (箕面公園) for the first time, the Takimichi Hiking Course (滝道ハイキングコース) should be on your itinerary. Built in 1886, this well-maintained 2.7 km course (which takes around 40 – 50 minutes) starts at Hankyu Minoh Station (阪急箕面駅) and ends at the spectacular Minoo Falls (箕面大滝). This is a great hiking course for the family with lots of great photo opportunities, shops and restaurants to enjoy along the way. Best of all – there are no steep slopes!

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Minō – A City Great for Onsen & Nature Getaways from Osaka


If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of Osaka city and get back to nature, consider coming to Minō / Minoo / Minoh city (箕面市). It is in Osaka prefecture, less than 30 minutes by the Hankyu Train from Umeda Station (梅田駅)! Right next door to Minō is Ikeda city (池田市) which has the tree-covered peak of Satsukiyama (五月山) which offers a panoramic view of the Osaka plain. But in terms of sheer beauty, Minoh Park and the magnificent Minoh Falls probably outrank the view from the top of Satsukiyama.

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