The Best 7 Days Chūbu Japan Autumn Itinerary


The Chūbu Region (中部地方) that is located in the centre of Japan’s main island – Honshū (本州), is one of the most scenic parts of Japan. As these stunning attractions are mostly situated in mountainous areas, for beautiful autumn foliage, we recommend you embark on your trip between mid to late October.

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Kurobe Kyōkoku and the Torroko Sightseeing Train


When you visit Kurobe Gorge (Kurobe Kyōkoku – 黒部峡谷), one of Japan’s top 100 hidden scenic spots located in the mountains of the Northern Japan Alps, the Kurobe Kyokoku Sightseeing Train (黒部峡谷鉄道トロッコ電車) is the experience that you don’t want to miss.

The 20km railway brings you a breath-taking scenic view of the gorge, known for its length and depth!

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Trek the Spectacular V-Shaped Kurobe Gorge


Kurobe Gorge (Kurobe Kyōkoku – 黒部峡谷) is one of Japan’s top 100 hidden scenic spots and is located in the mountains of the Northern Japan Alps. It is the No.1 V-shaped Gorge in Japan! With its almost vertical cliffs and virgin forests plus the hot springs in the area, it is one of the most popular places for Japanese seeking relaxation amidst nature.

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A Day Trip to the Stunning Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route


Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route (立山黒部アルペンルート) is a scenic route that goes through the Japanese North Alps connecting Toyama prefecture and Nagano prefecture. It’s also known as the Roof of Japan.