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The Best Guide to Amanohashidate View Land

To appreciate the shape of Amanohashidate, you will need to see the sandbar from above. If you have limited time and can only go to one of the two observation parks, we recommend Amanohashidate View Land (天橋立ビューランド). Not only is it closer to Amanohashidate Station, but also because the sandbar looks like a straight line from Amanohashidate Kasamatsu Park, which is relatively dull in comparison.

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How to Get to Amanohashidate View Land

To get to Amanohashidate View Land from Amanohashidate Station, make a right turn after you get off the station. Follow the road until you see the large brown street sign in the IG post. Turn right again and you will arrive at Amanohashidate View Land Chairlift and Monorail Platform (天橋立ビューランド リフト・モノレールのりば) in 5 to 10 minutes.

There are two ways to get to Amanohashidate View Land atop the hill: single-seating Chairlift or Monorail. The park’s admission fees include the return cost of the chairlift and/or monorail. No matter which mode of transport you choose from, the prices remain the same.

Tip: We highly recommend taking the monorail on the way up and the chairlift on the way down. This is because if you take the chairlift on the way up, your back will be facing Amanohashidate, meaning there won’t be too much scenery to enjoy. Plus, the monorail is usually packed on the way down. When taking the monorail on the way up, try to get to the back of the carriage so you can access the window facing Amanohashidate.

For ticket and operating hours information, please refer to their website HERE. Also, don’t forget to check out the special ticket deals on their website HERE. You might also be able to get a discount at other facilities in the area if you show the Amanohashidate View Land admission ticket.

What to Do at Amanohashidate View Land

Once you reach the top of the mountain, you will realize that Amanohashidate View Land is a small-scale amusement park with attractions, such as go-carting for kids and Ferris wheels. Besides the two observation decks, many attractions in the park also provide you with a wonderful view of the sand bar!

Although there is a cafe in the park, there is no vegetarian menu. The broth of their udon is made with bonito (fish flakes).

You will also notice people throwing plates towards a large loop standing at the far end of the park (the 4th photo in the IG post). It is said that if you throw the plates through the ring, something good will happen to you (=゚ω゚)ノ.

It is actually a lot harder than it looks, so if you do accomplish it, you will get a loud cheer from the audience!

So where do you get the plates from? Near the loop, there is a wardrobe (the last photo in the IG post). Put the money in as indicated on the money box in the wardrobe and pick three plates.

Hiryūkan-Kairō (飛龍観回廊)

The view of Amanohashidate from Amanohashidate View Land is called Hiryūkan (飛龍観) because the sandbar looks like a dragon flying to heaven as the shape is more winding.

The Hiryūkan-Kairō, or Flying Dragon Corridor, has a total length of 250 meters and was built to image the dragon-like Amanohashidate. You can adorn the breathtaking scenery from various angles from the platform.

© 海の京都DMO

Note that this platform will be closed for your safety on a day with strong wind or in winter when it snows.

One thing to be aware of for the ladies is not to wear skirts or dresses on the platform, unless you want to give people underneath the chance to know the color of your underwear!

Tip: You might want to bring binoculars if you own one.

Amanohashidate View Land’s Mata-nozoki Platform (股のぞき台)


To see the sandbar like a Bridge to Heaven, you inevitably have to bend down and be in the position as the photo on the left. No matter how funny the position might seem to the passer-by, it is one of the things that you do to enjoy Amanohashidate!

Just be careful when you try to return to your normal position. Depending on how long you put your head in between your legs, a lot of blood might rush back down when you come up, giving you some dizzy spells.

Discover Other Attractions in Amanohashidate

Obviously Amanohashidate View Land isn’t the only attraction in the celebrated destination in Kyoto.

Check out our article on Amanohashidate to find out what else you can do there and how the 5,000 pine trees can grow on the 3.6 km sandbar surrounded by seawater!

Click the photo to find out about more attractions to visit in Amanohashidate!

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