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The Best Guide to How to Spend a Night at Haneda Airport

Are you excited about your trip to Japan but realized that your flight either arrives too late or departs too early for you to utilize public transportation to travel between Haneda Airport and Tokyo? This is especially bad news for those who are travelling on a budget. While there are hotels close to the airport, they might be more expensive than the ones in other parts of Tokyo. So read on for how you can spend a night at Haneda Airport!

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The Cheapest Option to Spend a Night at Haneda Airport’s International Terminal: The Bench

While Haneda Airport’s domestic terminal is closed after the last flight of the day, its international terminal (Terminal 3) is open 24/7. A couple of cafes and restaurants are also open throughout the day, so there is no need to worry about food options for the night. You can refer to the list HERE.

So where are the best spots to find those sofas you can lie down for a nap? Refer to the below!

  • At the Entrance Plaza (エントランスプラザ) on the 1st floor
    • The convenience store, Air Lawson is also located on this floor.
  • The Arrival Lobby on the 2nd floor
    • Shower rooms and cafes are also located on this floor.
  • TOKYO POP TOWN on the 5th floor
    • While the shopping floor is lively during the day, the shops there are not opened 24/7. Thus, it is probably the quietest part of Haneda Airport’s Terminal 3 at night.
    • The round sofa chair in front of PLANETARIUM Starry Cafe is the best.
    • The lighting underneath the wooden Haneda Nihonbashi (はねだ日本橋) is deemed great for sleeping if you don’t have an eye mask.
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First Cabin Haneda Terminal 1 (ファーストキャビン 羽田ターミナル1)

For those who want to sleep on a proper bed but don’t want to pay too much, First Cabin in Haneda Airport’s Terminal 1’s first floor is a good option. The cabin room is between a capsule hotel and a business hotel, hence the price.

As the facilities in each First Cabin hotel is similar, you can refer to our First Cabin Kansai Airport article for more details.

Hotels in Haneda Airport

If you are not on a tight budget, you can book your stay with a hotel at Haneda Airport:

Hotels With Free Airport Shuttle Bus

Because the hotels in Haneda Airport are not cheap, you can book a hotel that provides free shuttle bus services to/from Haneda Airport. Staying at one of these hotels below is particularly recommended, especially if you want a good night’s sleep!

Important: Please let the hotel know that you need to utilize the free shuttle bus services beforehand, as most of them run on a specific timetable, which may not suit your itinerary.

Haneda Airport’s Shower Facility

The shower facility in Haneda Airport’s Terminal 3 is located on the 2nd floor. There are 21 Shower Rooms (shower + wash basin) and 5 Refresh Rooms (shower + washbasin + recliner chair). The facility is open 24/7. Because everything you need for showering is provided (including towels), all you need to bring is money and your change of clothes.

The cost to utilize the shower facility at Haneda Airport’s Terminal 3:

  • Shower Room: 1,500 yen/30 minutes, then 750 yen for every 15 minutes
  • Refresh Room: 3,000 yen/30 minutes, then 1,500 yen for every 15 minutes

How to Minimize the Shower Facility Cost

Because the shower facility at Haneda Airport is charged by the length of time used, the longer you spend in the room, the more you have to pay. To minimize the time spent in the shower facility, here are some things to do before getting the shower room’s key.

  • Take out your toiletry set and change of clothes from your suitcase.
  • Remove your makeup.

Tip: If you need a toiletry set, you can purchase one from Air Lawson on the first floor.

The Luggage Storage Facility at Haneda Airport

If you are worried that someone might take your luggage while you are fast sleep, store it in one of the airport’s lockers! Coin-operated lockers are located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the terminal. The size and cost of the lockers can be found HERE.

How to Get to Kyoto/Osaka from Kansai International Airport

Click the photo for information about how to get to Tokyo from Haneda Airport or vice versa!

If this is your first time landing at or departing from Haneda Airport, it might be confusing to know where and how to travel from the airport to the city center of Tokyo as there seems to be so many options!

Refer to our Haneda Airport Access Methods article for a better understanding of the different ways to travel between Tokyo and Haneda Airport. We have also included an analysis of which options may suit different types of tourists!

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