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Toyooka Green Hotel Morris: The Best Hotel Close to Kinosaki Onsen

The ryokans and hotels in Kinosaki Onsen are generally expensive. This is particularly the case during the cherry blossom and fall foliage seasons. So if you want to enjoy what the gorgeous town has to offer but don’t want to splash on accommodation, staying around Toyooka Station is a good idea. Among the couple of hotels two stations away from Kinosaki Onsen, Toyooka Green Hotel Morris (豊岡グリーンホテルモーリス) is the best!

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Toyooka Green Hotel Morris’ Lobby and Check-in and Check-out Experience

While the hotel has a humble exterior, wait until you get close to the lobby. It looks really fancy with the simple but elegant decors and warm-colored lighting. It is definitely the best 2-star/business hotel we have stayed in Japan.

The staff at the reception gave us warm greetings. We left our suitcases with them in the morning and were pleasantly surprised that our belongings were already in our room when we checked in. This service isn’t common for a Japanese business hotel, and it definitely made our life easier after a day spent in Kinosaki Onsen.

Without having to request, the hotel gave us two room keys too!

Although Toyooka Green Hotel Morris’ lobby is smaller than a high-end hotel, it has two lobby areas on both sides of the reception. The sofas were nice and soft, too. There is even a wooden crocodile bench that the children will love (2nd photo in the IG post).

With the price paid (11,170 yen for a double room, including breakfast), the service received and the overall experience exceeded our expectations!

Checking out was easy, too. There are three machines close to the reception. All you need to do is insert your room keys, and off you go!

Toyooka Green Hotel Morris’ Business, Coffee, and Comics Corners

Aside from its top-notch service, Toyooka Green Hotel Morris also offers a range of useful facilities.

Although we didn’t use it, there are laptops at the Business Corner. If you need a cup of coffee or tea, there is a coffee machine at the Coffee Corner (3rd photo in the IG post). There are a few different kinds of tea bags available for those who prefer to drink tea. A jar of lemon water is also available!

In front of the coffee machine, amenities such as hair brushes, shower caps, and cotton tips are also placed for those who need them. Other items like hair straighteners can be rented from the reception. Small cards with the names of different items printed are placed above the free amenities. Please bring it to the reception and exchange it with what you need for a comfortable stay. Children’s essentials are available, too!

Toyooka Green Hotel Morris also has a Comics Corner (2nd photo in the IG post). It is also where a group of people can gather and enjoy takeaway food together. If you can’t be bothered to go out, there is a light meal vending machine that also sells cup noodles. You can use the microwave to heat up the food. There is even a small sink for you to wash your hands!

Note that vegetarian/vegan food may not be available in the vending machine.

Regarding the comics, the large bookshelf is located on one side of the room, but they are all in Japanese.

If you read Japanese or want a newspaper, grab one from the newspaper stand opposite the elevators (3rd photo of the IG post).

Toyooka Green Hotel Morris’ Laundry Room

Toyooka Green Hotel Morris’ laundry facility is what we loved the most among all the facilities. What is so unique about the hotel’s laundry room is that the hotel understands that not all guests want to use a dryer to dry their laundry. Rolling clothes racks, hangers, and foldable clip hangers are placed in the laundry room as self-service!

The hotel does not charge its guests for using the laundry machines and driers either. This is great news for us, as we had 3 days of laundry to do!

Toyooka Green Hotel Morris’ Public Bath

What was available at Toyooka Green Hotel Morris’ Public Bath area surprised us again.

Firstly, unlike most hotels where you need to bring the face towel from your room, face and nylon towels are located in the showering area. Compared to the face towel, the nylon towel is much more effective in cleaning our bodies.

Furthermore, one of the two baths is a special one filled with microbubbles created by ultrasound. The bubbles can help relax the worn body more effectively and result in smoother skin!

Note that the male’s bath has a jet bath instead of the microbubble bath.

Both female and male bathing areas have a dry sauna and massage chairs. Again, the massage chairs are free to use!

After you have dried your body, head to the powder room (female bath only). Hair dryers, toner, lotion, and cotton tips are available at each booth.

Our Double Room at Toyooka Green Hotel Morris

Our double room was more spacious than many business hotels in Japan. It has enough space to open two medium-sized suitcases. In addition, we also managed to fit two rolling clothes racks, and our clothes dried overnight!

The room is also well-designed for remote working. The built-in long desk would be really handy if we needed to work during our travels. There were plenty of sockets, which we used to charge our phones, power banks, Insta360 Go 3 action camera, and Insta360 Flow gimbal.

The bed was wide enough to fit two adults comfortably! It had a width of 160 cm, wider than the usual 140 cm.

Regarding the pillows, if you don’t like the ones in the guestroom, there are different kinds of pillows placed in the wardrobe in front of the elevators. Feel free to take a couple for a good night’s sleep. Trouser pressers, humidifiers, and air purifiers are also available underneath the pillows if needed.


Toyooka Green Hotel Morris’ Breakfast

Unless you are a strict vegan, we also highly recommend Toyooka Green Hotel Morris’ buffet-style breakfast. If breakfast isn’t included in your accommodation plan, ask the staff to include it when you check in. With just a few hundred yen, you can start your day with a satisfied stomach!

Please give your breakfast ticket to the staff or place it in the box at where the food is. Remember to grab a card which indicates that the seat is occupied. This way, your seat is saved as you are getting your food!

Obviously meat and seafood dishes are available, too. But as we are vegetarians, we only picked the vegetable and tofu dishes. They were nicely seasoned and went really well with rice!

Milk, cereals, and bread are also available if you want a Western-style breakfast.

Note that we didn’t check with the staff if the broth/sauce used to cook the vegetable dishes contained any animal products. If you are vegan or vegetarian, please confirm with the staff on the day.

Other Convenient Services Provided by Toyooka Green Hotel Morris

Moreover, Toyooka Green Hotel Morris provides several services to its guests. If you require any of the below services, talk to the staff at the reception.

  • Black and white copying: 20 yen per page
  • Fax: 100 yen per fax
  • Rental umbrellas
  • Dry cleaning
  • Laundry service: 500 per wash
    • Please bring your laundry to the reception by 10 am.
    • Please put your clothes in the laundry bag in the guestroom.
    • Your clean clothes will be ready to be picked up by 6 pm.
  • Parcel/luggage delivery service by Yamato
  • Rental bicycles

Discover the Awesome Attractions in Toyooka City

Now that you know where to stay when visiting Toyooka, it is now time to plan out the itinerary! The city has a couple of great attractions that you won’t want to miss out on. It also has a stunning coastline and a town that is nicknamed Tajima Province’s Kyoto!

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Visit Kinosaki Onsen for Extraordinary Michelin Certified Sceneries

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For those who are looking for a hot spring resort with rich historical and cultural elements that also sports many recreational activities, make sure you visit Kinosaki Onsen! The spectacular view from Mt. Daishi is the recipient of a two Michelin star rating!

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