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Where to Find Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in Morioka

While Morioka is one of the biggest cities in the Tōhoku region, vegan options are still limited. So, if you are strict with your diet, advance planning for your visit is essential. To assist you with your planning, we have gathered the vegan-friendly spots in Morioka that are worth checking out below!

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Mont Ceri. Morioka

The first meal of the day is important. If you don’t want to rely on plain rice balls sold in convenience stores, visit Mont Ceri. Morioka. The bakery usually offers delicious breakfast sets on weekdays.

In addition, the bakery cafe is COYOTE Kyoto’s branch in Morioka. So, the coffee here won’t disappoint!

For more information, refer to our Mont Ceri. Morioka article!

Rokugatsu no Shika (六月の鹿)

Near Mont Ceri. Morioka, Rokugatsu no Shika is another cafe close to Sakurayama Shrine (櫻山神社) that opens early to serve you breakfast and satisfy your craving for coffee. In fact, we reckon the coffee at Rokugatsu no Shika is better! After all, it is a coffee shop specializing in home-roasted, flannel drip coffee. Even the flannel is handmade!

Refer to our Rokugatsu no Shika article for more information!

Karakoma (おやさい食堂カラコマ )

Karakoma is a small but cozy vegan Japanese-style macrobiotic cafe. It is a spot where those with a large appetite can feel satisfied afterwards. Not only is the food delicious here, but it is also healthy! Allium-free options (no onion, garlic, leeks, chives, or asafoetida) are available, too.

The owner, Miura-san (三浦 聖貴さん), has been studying Japanese cuisine and the macrobiotic diet for a long time and is also teaching it. His cooking amazes those who have tasted it, and it shows that we really don’t need chemical seasoning in our lives.

Karakoma has a traditional appearance that is reminiscent of the old soba restaurant. The renovation makes the entire place brighter and more relaxing, which reflects Miura-san and his wife’s personalities. Although they only speak Japanese, as long as you have a Translation App on your phone, ordering your meal wouldn’t be a problem.

The lunch sets with several side dishes has a couple of mains that you can choose from. If soy meat ginger pork stir fry (ベジミートの生姜焼き) or tofu steak (豆腐ステーキ). The ginger pork stir fry tastes extremely similar to real pork!

The dessert here, such as tofu tiramisu, is incredible. A couple of takeaway snacks might also be on the counter.

Karakoma’s Business Hours and Access Information

  • Karakoma is open from
    • 11:30 am to 2 pm and 5 pm to 9 pm from Tuesday to Friday
    • 11:30 am to 2 pm on weekends and public holiday
  • From Morioka Station, take the city’s loop bus, Dendenmushi, and get off at Kaminohashi (上の橋) and walk for three minutes.

Other Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in Morioka

  • Nigirimeshi Ginka (握り飯 銀香)
    • A rice ball restaurant close to Morioka-jō Castle Site Park with several vegan rice balls clearly marked on the menu.
    • You can eat in or take away the rice balls.
    • Vegan-certified sake from the local brewer, Nanbu Bijin, is also sold here.
    • The place has a great and welcoming vibe and the staff are friendly.
  • USAGI Botanica (ウサギボタニカ)
    • A macrobiotic restaurant close to Morioka-jō Castle Site Park that offers a couple of vegan options, including lunch set, curry, and sandwich.
    • For dinner, a vegan course meal is available. You can also choose from the lunch menu.
    • The portion is generous and the quality is great.
  • Karakoma (おやさい食堂カラコマ )
    • A small but cozy vegan macrobiotic cafe.
    • The delicious lunch set has a couple of mains that you can choose from.
    • The staff is lovely but only speaks Japanese. The menu is also in Japanese only. Ensure you have a Translation App on your phone.
    • Has alliums-free options (no onion, garlic, leeks, chives, asafoetida).
    • The dessert here is incredible.
  • Koku (穀)
    • A popular bakery with vegan options.
    • Be there early as most bread can be sold out by lunchtime.
    • If carrot cake with tofu cream cheese is on the shelf, try it!
    • Homemade rustic bread is also good.
  • VEGETARIAN CAFE LOONEY (ベジタリアン カフェ ルーニー)
    • A vegan cafe that has two lunch options and a couple of acai and granola bowls. Snacks, fresh juices and smoothies are also available.
    • The nuggets in the veggie-don are tasty, and the curry cooked using 16 spices is incredible.
    • Many items on the menu are gluten-free as well.
    • If you like dogs, there is one at the cafe that you are welcome to play with.
    • The cafe is close to Iwate-Iioka Station (岩手飯岡駅).
  • Lala Club (花工房らら倶楽部)
    • Lala club is Tōhoku region‘s biggest flower field/market. Its restaurant may have vegan lunch options.
    • It is where you can try the local cuisine in Morioka’ Shizukuishi area.
    • Many dishes on the menu are plant-based.
    • On weekends and public holidays, lunch is served in buffet style.
    • Please email them at [email protected] in advance to confirm before visiting.

Discover the Must-Visit Attractions in Morioka

Azumaya Honten Morioka Iwate Japan
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When you hear of Morioka, Wanko Soba and Morioka cold noodles are probably the two first things that come to mind. But the city isn’t just about food. It also has many cultural attractions, hot springs, nature and more!

So refer to our Morioka article for ideas about where to stop by when visiting Iwate Prefecture’s capital city!

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