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A Guide to Exploring and Climbing the Stunning Mt. Murone

Mt. Murone (室根山) is Ichinoseki‘s perfect spot to enjoy nature and a range of outdoor activities. Besides hiking trails, lookouts, and camping sites, it has an astronomical observatory. The mountain has a height of 895 meters. On a clear day, you can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic mountainous and ocean view from the summit.


The Stunning Spots along the Akita Nairiku Train Line

The trains of the Akita Nariku Line (秋田内陸線) run in the Akita Prefecture countryside. The one-carriage train decorated with cute Akita pictures melts the passenger’s heart, and the scenery from the train’s window will fill the whole carriage with clicking cameras!


Norikura Kōgen – Matsumoto’s Hidden Picturesque Destination

Apart from Kamikōchi, Norikura Kōgen (乗鞍高原) is another breathtaking place in Matsumoto City in Nagano Prefecture. The best thing about the relatively off-the-beaten-path destination is that it isn’t as crowded as Kamikōchi, and you can drive there without relying on public transport. So read on, and find out more about the charm of Norikura Kōgen!


Shizugatake – The Stunning Attraction with a Bloody History

Because of the Battle of Shizugatake (賤ヶ岳の戦い) in 1583 between Hashiba Hideyoshi (羽柴秀吉) and Shibata Katsuie (柴田勝家), Mt. Shizugatake is not only a scenic destination but also a pilgrimage spot for Japanese history buffs. Around the summit, monuments of the battlefield and those who died in the war commemorate the historic event. At the same …

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