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The Best Guide to What Are the Top Festivals in Morioka

As a city with a long history, there are a couple of representative festivals in Morioka that you could consider joining. During the festivals, the city is packed with visitors. Yatai stalls selling every kind of festival food you could hope for also fill the approach of the shrines that hold them.


Morioka Handi-Works Square and Pyonpyonsha Reimen Kōbō

Speaking of Morioka, there are many local specialties, including the Nambu Ironware, Morioka Reimen, and a lot more. If you love handicrafts and want to see how they are made, visit Morioka Handi-Works Square (盛岡手づくり村). It is a spot where you can observe the craftsmanship up close and even give it a go!


Lake Gosho Park: A Scenic Hidden Spot for a Family Day Trip

Gosho Lake, south of Morioka Handi-Works Square, is a top spot in Morioka to adore Mt. Iwate’s magnificence. It is a huge dam lake created by damming the Shizukuishi River (雫石川). When the weather conditions are right, Mt. Iwate is reflected on the surface of the vast lake, creating a breathtaking view.


The Best Spots to Visit for Nambu Ironware in Morioka

Nambu Ironware (南部鉄器) is Iwate Prefecture‘s most representative traditional craft. The ironware-making in Morioka started in the early 17th century. The lord of the Morioka Domain invited a tea iron kiln maker from Kyoto when he was building Morioka Castle. Since then, the ironware-making industry has prospered because of the availability of high-quality materials and …

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The Best Guide to Morioka’s Top Cherry Blossom Spots

Adoring Japan’s cherry blossoms is one of the main reasons that people around the world visit Japan. So if you plan to visit Morioka in early spring, note the below spots in the city where you will be amazed by the beauty of Japan’s national flower. Some of them are well-known, whereas others are hidden!