Miyazu City’s Best 3 Attractions other than Amanohashidate


Miyazu, a city in northern Kyoto Prefecture is best known for one of the Three Views of Japan (日本三景, Nihon Sankei) – Amanohashidate. The 3.6 km long sandbar with the surrounding nature is one of the celebrated scenic sites in Japan that most Japanese would love to visit at least once in their life. But when one attraction being so famous, other spots that have their special charm nearby can be easily overlooked.

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Amanohashidate – One of the Top Three Scenic Places in Japan


Amanohashidate (天橋立), elected to be one of the Three Views of Japan (日本三景, Nihon Sankei), is one of the celebrated scenic sites in Japan that most Japanese would love to visit at least once in their life. The place is just stunning throughout the year. There is cherry blossom in spring, maple leaves in autumn, the area is even more beautiful when the sandbar and the surrounding area are covered in white snow!

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Kurama & Kibune – The Hidden Gems in the Mountain of Kyoto


If you ever wonder whether there is a spot that is naturally cool in Kyoto, then read on! Mt. Kurama and Kibune located at the northernmost part of Kyoto are where the locals head to when they want to escape the summer heat. Having the Kawadoko (川床) dining at Kibune on the platform built above the river after wandering around the area is the best way to spend a summer day in Kyoto!

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The Best Cultural Experience at Japanese Culture Experience-an


If you want to experience Japanese culture such as a Tea Ceremony, Japanese sweets making, Japanese Sake, and spending time with Maiko, come to Japanese Culture Experience An (日本文化体験庵) located in Kyoto Gojo!

Apart from all the indoor experiences, they also provide short Kyoto city strolling tours that you’ll learn all the fun facts about Kyoto that only the locals know!

The most exciting experience you can get from Japanese Culture Experience An is probably a half-day Kyoto tour guided by a Maiko (apprentice Japanese entertainers who perform traditional Japanese artforms)! What kind of experience beats exploring Kyoto’s beauty with a well-trained Maiko San? Not to mention there’ll be plenty of photo opportunities with her at Kyoto’s famous destinations!

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