Vegetarian's Japan Guide

Kyoto Prefecture


Maizuru City – The Stunning Former Base of the Japanese Navy

Maizuru City (舞鶴市), facing the Sea of Japan, is located in the northern section of Kyoto Prefecture. While the rest of Kyoto is largely adorned with traditional buildings from eras up to the end of the Edo period, Maizuru City embodies the history of Japan after the modernization that occurred during the Meiji era.


Fukuchiyama City and the Amazing Scenery All Year Round

Fukuchiyama (福知山), in northern Kyoto Prefecture, is a city blessed with abundant nature, hidden cherry blossoms, and fall foliage destinations. The city, known for its connection with the famous samurai – Akechi Mitsuhide, also is the best spot to admire hydrangeas in early May and also has a mountain where demons used to reside.


Fukuchiyama Castle and Why Akechi Mitsuhide was a Good Man

If you are coming to Fukuchiyama City by train, you might notice a castle up on the hill from the train window. Fukuchiyama Castle (福知山城) is a popular destination and a landmark in Northern Kyoto. It was also listed in the Continued Top 100 Japanese Castles (続日本100名城) by the Japanese Castle Foundation (日本城郭協会)!


Ine Bay – An Amazing Fishing Town North of Amanohashidate

Extend your exploration of Japan’s rural landscape from Amanohashidate to Ine Bay (伊根湾)! There is a quiet fishing village located in the northern part of the Tango Peninsula (丹後半島). Along Ine Bay, where the waves are calm, a unique townscape is formed by the type of private houses called Funaya (舟屋).