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Hyōgo Prefecture


The Best Guide to Mikobata Ore Processing Site Ruins

Besides the Ikuno Silver Mine, another mining-related attrition in Asago City is the Mikobata Concentrator Ruins (神子畑選鉱場跡), located in the mountains west of the Ikuno Silver Mine. Because the concentrator on the site operated 24/7 between 1919 to 1987, the site that is reminiscent of a fortress was nicknamed “Nightless Castle”!


Genbudō Park – The Best Basalt Park with NS Pole Reversed

During your time at Kinosaki Onsen, how about a side trip to Genbudō Park (玄武洞公園), which has some amazing landscapes created by volcanic activity 1.6 million years ago? Although the park is called Genbudō, which means Genbu Cave, it actually has five basalt caves, each named after one of the four Chinese mythological divine beasts.


Toyooka – The City of Extraordinary Landscapes and Sceneries

Toyooka (豊岡) is a city in northern Hyōgo Prefecture. Starting from the famous hot spring resort Kinosaki Onsen with views that the Michelin Guide has recognized to the amazing landscapes created by volcanic activities in Genbudō Park and Kannabe Kōgen, this city is packed with beautiful sceneries and natural wonders!