Hakusan Shirakawagō White Road Complete Guide


The World Heritage Shirakawagō is now a really popular tourist destination in Japan. Quite often, people will visit this fairytale-like village by catching a bus or driving from Kanazawa. Many tourists take the normal highway. But unbeknownst to them (and us when we first visited Shirakawagō), there is also a really scenic toll road that goes through the magnificent local mountain ranges that would be a shame to miss out on!

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The Best 7 Days Chūbu Japan Autumn Itinerary


The Chūbu Region (中部地方) that is located in the centre of Japan’s main island – Honshu (本州), is one of the most scenic parts of Japan. As these stunning attractions are mostly situated in mountainous areas, for beautiful autumn foliage, we recommend you embark on your trip between mid to late October.

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The Best Guide to Chūbu Japan’s Discounted Transportation Deals


The Chūbu Region (中部地方) that is located in the centre of Japan’s main island – Honshu (本州), is one of the most scenic parts of Japan. The best thing about the Chūbu Region is that many of its stunning destinations are located quite near each other. And, there are multiple discounted transportation tickets and passes for you to choose from!

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Kamikōchi – The Heavenly Place Where God Descends


Kamikōchi (上高地) in Japanese literally means “the ground that God descends upon”. It is the perfect name to describe how beautiful this area is. It is the ultimate tourist destination for nature lovers because you will be surrounded by the magnificent Northern Japanese Alps. There is not a single day that Kamikōchi looks the same because nature changes as the seasons pass through.

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Hida Furukawa – A Quaint Town The Movie Your Name Is Based On


Hida Furukawa (飛騨古川), a quaint, unassuming town, has become a lot more lively since Makoto Shinkai’s movie – Your Name (君の名は) hit the theatre. The town serves as the inspiration behind many iconic scenes from the film! It can be accessed just 2 stations away from Hida Takayama City, which is a popular tourist destination in its own right. Whether you are like us, big fans of the movie, or if you simply want to enjoy the traditional atmosphere of the Kami-Sannomachi of Takayama, but dislike the crowd, Hida Furukawa will surely give you a deep and pleasant impression!

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Shirakawago – The Most Fairytale-Like Villages in Japan


Since its listing on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1995, Shirakawago (白川郷) in Gifu Prefecture has been considered as one of the most popular getaway spots in Japan. Located in a remote mountainous region in central Japan, the villages and its people were known to be isolated and hidden from the rest of the world. However, due to the tourism industry boom, it has become a lot easier for people to get to this charming part of Japan!

No matter what season you visit Shirakawago, the villages in the river valley surrounded by rugged high-mountain will definitely be the ultimate escape from the chaotic urban lifestyle (=゚ω゚)ノ

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Takayama – A City That No One Will Be bored With


Takayama City in Gifu Prefecture is one of the destinations that most people won’t miss when the Chubu region (中部地方) is on their itinerary. Commonly referred to as Hida Takayama (飛騨高山), the city is conveniently located close to a couple of famous tourist spots such as: Shirakawago, Kamikouchi, Kanazawa and Hida Furukawa (for those who are big fans of the anime movie – Your Name!).

With old well-preserved townships and other popular attractions in the city, it is now one of the prime candidates among both Japanese and foreign visitors who want to experience rural elements of Japan.

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Nishizawa Valley and Its Most Picturesque Waterfalls

Nanatsugama-Godan-no-Taki nishizawa valley

Nishizawa Valley (西沢渓谷) is a valley in Yamanashi Prefecture located in Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park (秩父多摩甲斐国立公園). If it is on your itinerary, prepare yourself for a feast of natural art! Once you step into this valley, we promise that you will be immediately captivated by its mysterious charm (^_-)-☆.

The canyon is surrounded by an old-growth forest, decorated with worn, eroded granite. The beauty of this view, together with a number of dazzling waterfalls sprinkled throughout the journey, serves to amaze and rejuvenate any tired visitor hiking the valley.

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Shōsenkyō Gorge and Its Scenery Second Only to Mt. Fuji


Anyone who has the slightest knowledge of Japan knows the mighty Mt. Fuji. But do you know which landscape closely follows?

The scenery at Shōsenkyō Gorge (昇仙峡) in Yamanashi prefecture will blow your mind off just as much as Mt. Fuji. It is a lot less packed, and you can get some of the best grape wines in Japan from one of the shops (=゚ω゚)ノ.

If you love fruits, you won’t regret visiting the area. Because you will easily find the best grapes, peaches, and Asian pears from the supermarket in Kōfu City (甲府市), where the Gorge is located!

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Taste the True Wasabi at Daiō Wasabi Farm


Visit Japan’s biggest wasabi farm – Daiō Wasabi Farm (大王わさび農場) at Azumino city in Nagano prefecture, to taste truly authentic wasabi!

You are probably thinking, well, we have got that green spicy stuff in the Japanese restaurant in my neighborhood. But, do you know over 95% of wasabi served in Japanese restaurants doesn’t contain any real wasabi? This is still the case even in Japan, the country that claims to include wasabi in its cuisine Σ(゚Д゚).

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