Vegetarian's Japan Guide

Hidden Gems


Maizuru City – The Stunning Former Base of the Japanese Navy

Maizuru City (舞鶴市), facing the Sea of Japan, is located in the northern section of Kyoto Prefecture. While the rest of Kyoto is largely adorned with traditional buildings from eras up to the end of the Edo period, Maizuru City embodies the history of Japan after the modernization that occurred during the Meiji era.


Kakusenkei – The Scenic Gorge in the Kaga Onsen Region

In Yamanaka Onsen Town in Kaga Onsen Region, you will find a stunning gorge that you will want to visit all year round. The 1.3 km Kakusenkei Gorge (鶴仙渓) starts from the Korogi Bridge (こおろぎ橋) at Daishōji River’s (大聖寺川) upstream and is the best attraction in the gorgeous town.


Genbudō Park – The Best Basalt Park with NS Pole Reversed

During your time at Kinosaki Onsen, how about a side trip to Genbudō Park (玄武洞公園), which has some amazing landscapes created by volcanic activity 1.6 million years ago? Although the park is called Genbudō, which means Genbu Cave, it actually has five basalt caves, each named after one of the four Chinese mythological divine beasts.