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Hidden Gems


Lake Gosho Park: A Scenic Hidden Spot for a Family Day Trip

Gosho Lake, south of Morioka Handi-Works Square, is a top spot in Morioka to adore Mt. Iwate’s magnificence. It is a huge dam lake created by damming the Shizukuishi River (雫石川). When the weather conditions are right, Mt. Iwate is reflected on the surface of the vast lake, creating a breathtaking view.


Natayachō: The Hidden Gem in Morioka for Sake & Old Township

Natayachō (鉈屋町) at the side of Kitakami River (北上川) was an area in Morioka that once flourished as a key point for shipping. Because of the high-quality natural water source from Daijiji Temple (大慈寺) and Gidaji Temple (祇陀寺), many sake breweries, tofu shops, soba noodle makers, and cafés surround the neighborhood. Besides the commercial facilities, …

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The Recommended Destinations Around Kusatsu Onsen

Kusatsu Onsen is undoubtedly one of Japan’s most famous hot spring towns. But it would be a waste if your trip to Gunma Prefecture ended at Kusatsu Onsen only, as there are many amazing destinations in the surrounding areas that may interest you!


Agatsuma Gorge: The Most Amazing Gorge Close to Tokyo

Agatsuma Gorge (吾妻渓谷) is a must-visit scenic spot in Kawarayu Onsen. The stunning gorge tucked away in the mountains of Gunma is a designed National Place of Scenery Beauty. Especially during the autumn leaves and fresh green seasons, the sheer valley is so beautiful buried amongst the red and light green trees.