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Hidden Gems


The Picturesque Ponds between Sukayu Onsen and Tsuta Onsen

The famous Oirase Gorge and Lake Towada are probably the mainstream destinations of Aomori Prefecture. But if you just take the JR bus from JR Aomori Station straight to Yakeyama (the entrance of Oirase Gorge), you are missing quite a few scenic ponds!


The Best Guide to Akiu Ōtaki Fall and Futakuchi Gorge

Akiu Ōtaki Fall (秋保大滝), also known as the Akiu Great Fall, is the must-see spot in Akiu Onsen. The 55-meter tall waterfall is just spectacular no matter which season you visit. It was thus chosen to be one of Japan’s Top 100 Waterfalls and a designated National Place of Scenery Beauty.


Okayama’s Top Spots to Enjoy Beaches and Ocean Views

If you are a beach lover and/or are after magnificent ocean views, consider visiting Okayama Prefecture when you visit Japan next time. Okayama has a plethora of amazing spots located on the Seto Inland Sea. Read on for our list of recommended destinations to head for stunning ocean views and beach activities in Okayama!


The Top Hidden Gems in Kyoto that Is Worth Visiting

Kyoto, a city filled with Buddhist temples, palaces, and Shinto shrines, is Japan’s cultural capital and has become a major tourist destination worldwide. But did you know that in addition to the capital city of Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture has a plethora of hidden gems off the beaten path? Here are some of our favorites!


Shirahone Onsen: One of the Best Onsen Resorts in Matsumoto

Surrounded by mountains, Matsumoto City has a wealth of hot spring sources. Among them, Shirahone Onsen (白骨温泉) tops the list with its picturesque natural scenery and cultural elements. Putting its somewhat scary name aside, you will surely be enchanted by the onsen town’s charm!