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Kongō Sanmai-in – One of the Best Shokubō Temples in Kōyasan

Whether you are planning a day trip to Kōyasan or want to spend a night in the sacred mountain, Kongō Sanmai-in should be on your itinerary. The temple that has multiple important national cultural properties and national treasures is a spot that shouldn’t be overlooked!


Nyūtō Onsen and the 7 Unique Ryokans Deep in the Mountain

Nyūtō Onsen (乳頭温泉郷) is a rural hot spring resort in Akita Prefecture (秋田県) that consists of six ryokans and one hotel, each having its history, style, and spring quality. Listed as one of the 100 Japan Hidden Scenic Spots (日本の秘境100選), the resort is quietly nestled deep in the mountain at the base of Mt. Nyūtō.


Fun Activities At Yōkina Kasan no Mise Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s markets can be found everywhere in the world, with some of them being the size of a football stadium. The ones that you have been to may have a range of fresh products, but probably none of them offers cultural activities like Yōkina Kasan no Mise (陽気な母さんの店) in Ōdate city (大館市)!