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The Best Guide to KIX Airport Café Lounge NODOKA

Among all the accommodation and lounge options on the Kansai Airport’s grounds, KIX Airport Café Lounge NODOKA (KIXエアポート カフェラウンジ NODOKA) is the option with the highest CP value. The lounge, which is open 24/7, has a range of seating options. Whether you want to lie down, sit down for a rest, or somewhere private to work remotely, Café Lounge NODOKA can cater!

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The Resting Areas and Vegan Light Meal Options at KIX Airport Café Lounge NODOKA

Because each individual’s budget differs, KIX Airport Café Lounge NODOKA offers different seating arrangements. The table seats in the Open Area next to the reception are perfect for a short stay. You can access the drink bar while you wait for your flight. Light meals (including vegan options) are also for you to order if you are hungry.

If you want to catch up on some sleep, choose the Mat Seat option (refer to the 2nd to the 5th photo in the left Instagram post). These semi-private booths allow you to lie down. There is also a pillow in the booth. Blankets are also available to keep you warm.

Other semi-private booths have computers and reclining seats if you want to comfortably watch a video or serve the internet. Refer to the 6th and the 7th photo in the left Instagram post.

For those who travel with a group, utilize KIX Airport Café Lounge NODOKA’s private rooms or meeting rooms (the last photo in the left IG post).

KIX Airport Café Lounge NODOKA’s Green Area (芝生エリア)

If you are travelling with small children, they will enjoy the Green Area. You can stretch your legs freely on the artificial lawn or nap in the tent.

Note that if you want to eat or drink, please only do so at the table set.

Probably because the area is open and people don’t feel comfortable sleeping there, the Green Area is usually the lounge’s most empty space.

If you are an aviation enthusiast, you will probably spend most of your time in the Green Area. From the floor-to-ceiling window, you can see airplanes taking off and landing (refer to the last photo in the IG post).

Toilets, Showers, and Lockers at KIX Airport Café Lounge NODOKA

For those who want to take a shower, there are 7 paid shower rooms: 3 for men, 3 for women, and 1 for disabled guests. Shower gel, shampoo, and hair dryers are available in the shower area.

The shower and toilet facilities are located on the way to the Green Area. As we didn’t use the shower room, we couldn’t get a photo of what it looks like inside. But the toilet facilities are really clean.

  • The cost to use the shower facility is 990 yen per 40 minutes.
    • The cost includes a towel and an amenity set.
    • Bath towel can be purchased for 440 yen.

Important: If you only pay for the shower facility, you won’t be able to sit down at the open space or use the private booths. Please also refrain from taking drinks from the drink bar.

As no rooms in KIX Airport Café Lounge NODOKA can be locked, lockers are available to keep your valuables and passport safe (refer to the last photo in the IG post). They are just at the Open Area’s entrance. Above the lockers, there is a screen showing flight’s departure information.

For suitcases, there is a dedicated luggage space next to the reception. Wire rope locks are also available.

Charges at KIX Airport Café Lounge NODOKA

Like all lounges around the world, the first thing you need to do to enter an airport lounge is check in at the reception. You will be issued a ticket, which will be put into a lanyard for you to wear (refer to the IG post below). It shows what time you check in, which area of the lounge you can utilize, and your booth number, if applicable. Please keep this ticket safe, as the staff needs to scan the bar code to confirm how much you need to pay when you check out.

Note that if someone wants to check out, the staff will prioritize them because the check-out time may affect the charges.

☛ Your credit card (such as JTB or Rakuten) may allow you a 2-hour free access to Café Lounge NODOKA. Please check with the staff at the lounge. Note that only gold members or above are qualified for this perk. Refer to HERE for information about the participating card issuers.
☛ Apply for a KIX-ITEM Card (KIX-ITMカード) or a 30% off on seat rental cost.

FareSeats in the Open AreaBooth Seats
First 30 minutes550 Yen660 Yen
Every 10 minutes after140 Yen150 Yen
3 hours1,870 Yen2,200 Yen
6 hours3,080 Yen3,850 Yen
9 hours4,180 Yen4,950 Yen
Charges at KIX Airport Café Lounge NODOKA
  • Children younger than 3 years old are free to enter NODOKA.
  • For children between 3 to 11 years old, the cost is 50% of the adult fare.

Café Lounge NODOKA’s Free Rental Items

The below items are available for rent for free at KIX Airport Café Lounge NODOKA. If you can’t find them in the wardrobe shown in the IG post, speak to the staff at the reception.

  • Charging cable
  • Headset
  • Hair iron
  • Luggage weight
  • Blanket
  • Slippers
  • Yoga mat

Tip: Take two blankets if you want to lie down and sleep. We found one blanket wasn’t big enough to cover the entire body.

KIX Airport Café Lounge NODOKA’s Access Information

NODOKA is located on AEROPLAZA’s second floor.

Opposite the lounge, the convenience store, LAWSON, is also open 24/7. But unless there is something specific that you are after, the free soft drinks provided in the lounge should keep you hydrated. If you need alcohol, snacks, or light meal options, they can be purchased too.

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