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Welcome to Vegetarian’s Japan Guide (*’▽’) We are a bunch of Japan travel/culture/cuisine vegetarian addicts who are always planning our next Japan trip!

In today’s world, being a vegetarian is not easy (even more so if you are vegan) so putting vegetarian and Japan on the same equation just makes it hell a lot harder!!

As Japan is an island country surrounded by ocean, seafood has been the Japanese’s staple food for centuries. So in Japan, not only the Japanese traditional cuisine – Washoku most certainly contains an element of seafood (if you can’t see it, it’s in the stock/broth), but they love to add “dashi – soup stock (which mostly contains bonito extract)” to the majority of foreign cuisine.

That is why we created this website to make our fellow vegetarian friends’ lives easier when travelling in this beautiful country. We aim to provide as many details of each vegetarian-friendly place as possible including whether a reservation is required, how to access the place, and even simple Japanese sentences that you can use to make sure what you are ordering is definitely meat-free!

On the other hand, whilst a lot of signs/maps/direction boards in Japan do provide English translation, it can still be confusing and overwhelming when you get there. Therefore, in our list of Japan’s best places to visit, you will find not only the usual pretty photos and brief introductions of the destinations but also travel tips as well as important things to watch out for that may assist you in making your holiday trip more enjoyable.

Lastly, as we are all at least English and Japanese proficient, if you do need any kind of assistance in planning your Japan trip, we are more than happy to help you out! Whether it is extracting travel information out of a Japanese-only website, or actually communicating with the local service providers, our help is just ONE CLICK AWAY! Once we receive your query, we promise to reply ASAP. More importantly, this service is FREE!

Below are some of us who are happy to show their faces (*´ω`).

Lily Lin – Editor

Kate Chan – Editor
Nicole Graham