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Welcome to Vegetarian’s Japan Guide! We are a bunch of Japan travel addicts who are always planning our next Japan trip. In particular, we enjoy exploring Japan’s regional areas. Why? Because there are less crowds and no tourist traps! The amazing scenery, cultural properties and activities are just less impressive when the area is packed, especially with tourists from your country.

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What You Can Find on Vegetarian’s Japan Guide

You might notice that we named the website as “Vegetarian’s Japan Guide”. While the name is somewhat misleading because 90% of the website is about attractions in Japan’s rural area, we thought it is important to make it clear that you won’t find any meat/seafood-related information on this website.

We also have many useful articles that will assist you planning your trip to Japan under the Tips category. Also, check out the Coupon Page for coupon codes that you can use during your trip!

Traveling in Japan as a Vegetarian

As Japan is an island country surrounded by oceans, seafood has been the Japanese staple food for centuries. So, in Japan, not only does traditional cuisine most certainly contain an element of seafood (if you can’t see it, it is in the stock/broth), but they love to add “dashi (soup stock), which mostly contains bonito extract)”, to the majority of foreign cuisine.

This practice makes our lives really hard while traveling in Japan (even more so if you are vegan). Putting vegetarianism and Japan in the same equation just makes it a hell of a lot harder!!

That is why we created this website to make our fellow vegetarian friends’ lives easier when travelling in this beautiful country. We aim to provide as many details as possible about each vegetarian-friendly place, including whether a reservation is required, how to access the place, and even simple Japanese sentences that you can use to make sure what you are ordering is definitely meat-free!

Meet the Team!

Below are some of us who are happy to show their faces (*´ω`).

Lily Lin (Website owner and editor): A Japan travel addict who travels to Japan regularly

Most articles on Vegetarian’s Japan Guide are written by me, the owner of the website. Because I love the country so much, I started this website and put my knowledge about traveling in Japan into articles in 2020 during the COVID lockdown.

As we all know, Japan’s three big cities now suffer from the over-tourism problem. This is why I don’t like visiting Tokyo/Kyoto/Osaka’s city center anymore. If you also dislike crowds, this website will be useful for planning your Japan trip.

Kate Chan (Editor): A huge fan of Pokémon and anime

Kate is my friend from the university who is really passionate about Pokémon, Hello Kitty…etc. She loves anime so much that many of her things have an anime theme (such as her phone case and purse).

Thus, she has a wealth of knowledge about Pokémon and figurine related stuff. If you share the same interest with her, she is here to give you ideas about where to head to for anime-related attractions!

Nicole Graham (Editor): A Japan addict who lived in Japan for a couple of years

Nicole is another friend of mine from the university. After finishing studying Japanese, she moved to Tokyo and stayed there for a couple of years.

During her stay, she traveled extensively during her off time. This is why she knows a lot about Japan, culture and travel-wise.

If you are thinking about living in Japan in the near future, she is here to help!


How Our Articles Are Written

The articles published on Vegetarian’s Japan Guide are written based on either our personal experience or through extensive research. We have also included feedback and tips from other travelers to make the articles more useful and informative.

You might wonder why we also write about places we haven’t been. The answer is simple: We want to know what attractions are there in the cities we want to visit in the near future. These articles are what we refer to when we plan our next adventure. Then, we update the researched articles according to our experience after the trip.

The itineraries shared on the website are from our past trips to Japan. Thus, they have been tested and include minor tweaks to improve them!

Plan Your Next Exciting Trip to Japan With Our Help!.

Whilst a lot of signs/maps/direction boards in Japan do provide English translation, it can still be confusing and overwhelming when you get there. Therefore, in our list of Japan’s best places to visit, you will find not only the usual pretty photos and brief introductions of the destinations but also travel tips as well as important things to watch out for that may assist you in making your holiday trip more enjoyable.

Lastly, as we are all proficient in English and Japanese, if you need any assistance planning your Japan trip, we are more than happy to help you! Whether it is extracting travel information from a Japanese-only website or communicating with the local service providers, our help is just ONE CLICK AWAY!

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