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Explore the Old Schools in Matsumoto, Japan’s Education Prefecture

While not existing anymore, Matsumoto City once belonged to a prefecture called Chikuma (筑摩県) between 1871 to 1876. Although the prefecture lasted less than five years, Chikuma Prefecture is known for its passion for education. In a short period of time, many schools were established with a high enrolment rate. Even after Chikuma Prefecture was …

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The Ultimate Kōka City’s Ninja Attractions Guide

You must have heard of the occupation, ninja in your life. They are those people who snuck into enemies’ houses to gather information. To protect themselves, they developed a series of ninja martial arts that helped them disguise themselves and/or escape from the scene smoothly.


Japan’s New World Heritage Sannai Maruyama Historical Site

While the world was panicking about the once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, in March 2021, Aomori Prefecture proudly welcomed another world heritage title. The Sannai Maruyama Special Historical Site (三内丸山遺跡) that completely overturned the understanding of the Jōmon civilization was registered as a part of Jōmon Prehistoric Sites in Northern Japan (北海道・北東北の縄文遺跡群) as a World Heritage.