Resort Shirakami – The Joyful Train and the Live Shows


There are plenty of “joyful trains” in Japan but have you ever boarded one that features live performances? Resort Shirakami (リゾート白神) is the only joyful train in Japan with live performances including shamisen (Japanese guitar), puppet plays, and Japanese folk tales told in Tsugaru dialect (津軽弁)!

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Mt. Akita-Komagatake – A Treasure Trove of Alpine Flowers


For anyone out there who wants to be at the summit of a mountain the lazy way but doesn’t want to splurge on some fancy transportation mode (i.e., a gondola lift), check out Mt. Akita-Komagatake (秋田駒ヶ岳) in Akita prefecture! Although you have to hike a bit longer than Mt. Iwaki in Aomori prefecture, it only takes a bus trip from JR Tazawako Station (田沢湖駅) to the 8th station of Mt. Akita Komagatake before you start the 60 – 90 minutes easy hike to the summit!

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Senshu Park – An Unusual Castle Park in Akita City


Just minutes away from JR Akita Station, the Senshu Park isn’t just another park that you can find in Japan. In the park, you will find a castle, a tea ceremony tea house, three shrines, a museum, an art gallery, and even a library! What is even more awesome is the castle has been recognised as one of the best 100 castles in Japan and the cherry blossom scenery in the park is also one of the top 100 cherry blossom spots in the country!

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Akita City – Where to Go and What to Do around Akita Station


Akita Prefecture (秋田県) is one of the six prefectures in Northeastern Japan. It is heaven for those who enjoy nature, with lush mountain landscapes and pristine beaches. The prefecture has abundant natural resources including a couple of national parks and a long coastline.

But let’s talk about Akita City (秋田市) first. Whether you are only stopping by for a short break before you move onto other parts of Japan, or are using the city as a base for several day trips to other parts of the prefecture, there are some attractions around JR Akita Station (秋田駅) that you might not want to miss out on!

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Tamagawa Onsen – Japan’s Best Onsen Town for Recuperation


Tamagawa Onsen (玉川温泉) in Akita prefecture is a special hot spring resort. It consists of two ryokans (traditional Japanese inns) nestled in the mountains of Towada-Hachimantai National Park. Why is it special? Because it is ranked number one for both the acidity of the spring at pH1.2 and the amount of spring water gushing out from one source at 9,000 litres per minute!

With its strong acidity and the non-toxic traces of radium radiation from the rare rocks at the source of the spring, the onsen is said to be able to cure any illness. This is why Tamagawa Onsen is known as the Hot Spring For Recuperation.

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Ōdate City – The Loyal Hachikō’s Stunning Hometown


Anyone who has been to or even heard of Shibuya Station (渋谷駅) knows there is a Hachikō statue there. Hachiko wasn’t just another Akita dog around the corner. Due to his fierce loyalty to his first owner, he gained the deepest respect from the community (his story is really touching) that even a statue of him was made and then placed in front of the station where he used to wait for his deceased owner’s return.

Ōdate city (大館市) is where Hachikō came from. Although most of his life was spent in Tokyo, you can find Hachikō’s statues all over the city! Ōdate city isn’t just about Hachikō and Akita dogs, of course! Read on, and find out where to go and what to do in Hachiko’s hometown (^_-)-☆.

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Nyūtō Onsen and the 7 Unique Ryokans Deep in the Mountain


Nyūtō Onsen (乳頭温泉郷) is a rural hot spring resort in Akita prefecture (秋田県) that consists of six ryokans and one hotel, each having its own history, style and, spring quality. Listed as one of the 100 Japan Hidden Scenic Spots (日本の秘境100選), the resort is quietly nestled deep in the mountain at the base of Mt. Nyūtō.

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Lake Tazawa – An Unfrozen Beautiful Azure Colour Lake


Lake Tazawa (田沢湖), with a depth of 422.4 meters, is the deepest lake in Japan. The 6 kilometers wide caldera lake was formed due to a volcano eruption. Because of its depth, the lake can absorb a lot of heat in summer that even in the snowy winter, the surface of the lake will never be frozen!

Similar to Lake Towada, there are campsites and water-related leisure facilities that will definitely attract a lot of outdoor sports lovers. The Tatsuko statue at the lakeshore is the symbol of Lake Tazawa. The view of its golden colour contrasting the surrounding clear blue water is another reason for tourists to list Lake Tazawa in their itineraries!

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Fun Activities At Yōkina Kasan no Mise Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s markets can be found everywhere in the world with some of them being the size of a football stadium. The ones that you have been to may have a range of fresh products but probably none of them offers cultural activities like Yōkina Kasan no Mise (陽気な母さんの店) in Ōdate city (大館市)!

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Dakigaeri Valley And Its Mystical Turquoise Mountain Stream


When people visit Semboku city in Akita prefecture for leisure, their preferred destinations will most likely either be Nyūtō Onsen (乳頭温泉郷), Lake Tazawa (田沢湖) or, Tamagawa Onsen (玉川温泉). While those spots are definitely a worthwhile place to visit, we would recommend that you also drop by the Dakigaeri Valley (抱返り渓谷) as well! Not only it is close to those three popular attractions, but it takes just 2 hours at most to explore this valley, especially its mysterious cobalt blue mountain stream (*’▽’).

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