Hirakawa City, The City That Connects Hirosaki And Kuroishi


After you spend a day or two exploring Hirosaki, you might feel like you haven’t experienced enough of the Tsugaru region’s hospitality. You decide to hop on a train and you are on your way to the sister-like city, Kuroishi. During the 50-minute train ride, you might look out of the window and think, “I wonder whether there’s anything interesting to see along this train line…”.

Hirakawa (平川市) is a city that is located in between Hirosaki and Kuroishi. In the city, there are quite a few interesting places, like rice paddy art that will make you want to hop off the train and explore! If you are a Ghibli Studio fan, the model of the house and garden in the movie – The Secret World of Arrietty is in Hirakawa city (*’▽’).

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