Katayamazu Onsen – The Town That Overlooks The Mighty Mt. Haku


Katayamazu Onsen ((片山津温泉)) is a small onsen town created by the reclamation of part of Lake Shibayama (柴山潟) during the Meiji Period (1868 – 1912). The biggest appeal of the town is the stunning view of Mt. Haku or Mt. Hakusan (白山) being reflected on Lake Shibayama on a clear sunny day, which visitors can admire while strolling or cycling on the promenade around the lake. If you are spending a whole day in Katayamazu Onsen, remember to check the colour of the lake throughout the day as the colour of the lake changes dramatically seven times a day (depending on the weather)!

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Kaga Onsen – The Charming Onsen Resorts Close to Kanazawa


Kaga City (加賀市), also commonly referred to as Kaga Onsen (加賀温泉) can be sub-divided into six areas, including three main onsen towns, each with unique selling points. The hot spring resorts have a history dating back 1,300 years. There are onsen ryokans with a high-quality of service, and various beautiful, local handicrafts waiting for you to discover and even bring a few back home!

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