Mt Iwaki – Tsugaru’s Fine Imitation of The Mighty Mt Fuji


We have all seen them – the fantastic views photographed from mountaintops. Surely they must have been edited? Well, now you can find out in the laziest way possible with an easy mountain peak climb!

Mt. Iwaki (岩木山), the highest mountain in Aomori Prefecture is a great mountain to cross off your bucket list! With an altitude of 1,625 meters, this mountain (also known as Tsugaru’s Mt. Fuji) is popular with both trekkers and hikers. If you love climbing, then 5 mountain trails will lead you to the top in 4 – 5 hours. But, if you want to take an easier route, then a bus trip from JR Hirosaki Station and a 10 minute gondola ride will bring you close to the summit (^_-)-☆.

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