Mt Moriyoshi – The Stunning Scenery and the Snow Monsters


Situated in northeastern Japan, the famous Mt. Zao (蔵王山) in Yamagata prefecture (山形県) and Mt. Hakkoda (八甲田) in Aomori prefecture (青森県) are well known for the “Snow Monsters” that take shape over trees and branches. However, one of the drawbacks of being so well known is its tendency to be crowded…

Mt. Moriyoshi (森吉山) in the Akita prefecture (秋田県) is the next among the top three locations for finding the snow monsters that form as a result of the unique weather phenomenon. With it being less famous, it stands to reason that it is less packed! If we only get to go to one of them, we would definitely go to Mt. Moriyoshi. As a bonus, you get to play with the super cute mascot dog Hokuto! (≧▽≦).

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Hakkoda Ropeway to Yakeyama, the Prelude to Oirase Gorge


While you might know of or have been to the beautiful Oirase Gorge, but did you know that there are other scenic spots in the area such as Hakkoda Ropeway (八甲田ロープウェー) or Tsuta-Numa Pond (蔦沼)? Read on to find out more!

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