Vegetarian's Japan Guide

Discover Restaurants that Has a Vegetarian Menu in Japan

Japan is such a beautiful country to visit. But as a vegetarian, the biggest issue when visiting the country is that it is so hard to find meat-free food. That is because fish is traditionally the staple ingredient in Japanese cuisine, so even simple dishes such as miso soup mostly contain bonito. In our first few visits to Japan, we chose to turn on a blind eye with soup or broth that contains meat or fish stock so life won’t be so hard while we travel in Japan.

However, having the thought of wanting to try our best not to hurt the animals, we have been contacting restaurants, ryokans, and hotels in our itinerary to make sure they can accommodate our dietary requirements.

And instead of keeping this valuable information to ourselves, we are making this website to share what we know if like-minded people!

Table of Content

In each of our articles that have information about local eateries, you will find information about:
→ Whether we have verified with the restaurants that the ingredients used in their dishes are all meat-free
→ Whether a reservation is required for vegetarian options
→ If a reservation is required, how to make a reservation and how many days in advance if a booking is required

Sabo Mameya Obuse Nagano Vegetarian Dining

Alternatively, you can utilize our article on Essential Japanese Travel Phrases for Vegetarians and Vegans when you get to Japan. But just note unless the restaurants, ryokans, and hotels have a theme of veganism or vegetarianism, they typically require advance notice for them to be able to accommodate your request.

Important: Whilst we try to keep our articles up-to-date, please note the article’s last update date. And if in doubt, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US and we will be in touch with the restaurant you are interested in to confirm if vegetarian options are still available.

With the information on this website, we hope you will be able to plan your Japan trip knowing that you will enjoy the Japanese local food as much as your meat lover friends you are traveling with!

Please do not hesitate to let us know also if you have recommendations on other great local restaurants with vegetarian options that are currently not listed on Vegetarian’s Japan Guide. Or, if you found the information provided on this website is outdated, please let us know as well.

Feedback is always welcomed (^^)/!

Vegetarian/Vegan-Friendly Restaurants and Food Tours

In addition to what we have included on this website, there are restaurants and tour companies that can cater to a vegetarian/vegan diet. Please refer to the below links for a list of them that you can make a reservation with.

Where Else to Find Vegan-Friendly Restaurants Information

Similar to the transportation information included in our articles, vegetarian-friendly places and accommodation information are throughout our articles. You can also refer to the Vegetarian Dining category which has all the articles on our website that introduce vegetarian-friendly places.

Another good source is HappyCow. It is the bible for all vegetarian and vegan out there!