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The Complete Guide to Enoshima Shrine

Upon commencement of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics yacht competition, the previously hidden beauty of a small island floating on Sagami Bay was suddenly revealed to the world. A sacred religious destination, Enoshima’s history centers on the Enoshima Shrine (江島神社). Before the separation of Shiotisim and Buddism, Enoshima was the precinct of Kinkizan Yogan-ji Temple (金亀山与願寺) …

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Miyama Kayabuki no Sato – Kyoto’s Hidden Quaint Village

Nowadays, when we talk about traditional Japanese villages filled with traditional thatched roof houses, most people will think of the Shirakawa-go. But there is actually a spot just in Kyoto that shares a similar but less touristy atmosphere with the famous World Heritage-listed village!


Enjoy a Feast of Music at Rokkō Mori no Oto Museum

The original Rokkō International Musical Box Museum (六甲オルゴールミュージアム) was renovated and reopened in mid-July 2021 and has its name changed to Rokkō Mori no Oto Museum (ROKKO 森の音ミュージアム). Now the facility isn’t just all about musical boxes. It is more like a cottage in a forest where you enjoy music throughout the area!