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National Places of Scenery Beauty


Former Chikurin-in Temple and the Stunning Garden Reflection

Amongst all the Satobō (residence of retired monks) in Sakamoto, the Former Chikurin-in (旧竹林院) is probably the most famous. Not only is it known to be one of the highest-rank temples in Enryakuji, but its garden was also designated National Place of Scenery Beauty in 1998.


Shukkeien, The Gorgeous Japanese Garden in Hiroshima City

Shukkeien (縮景園), a Japanese garden near JR Hiroshima Station, is said to be the garden that captures the beauty of China’s West Lake (西湖). With that being said, some might think the garden must be of a Chinese style. That isn’t the case!


Dorokyō – The Stunning Gorge that Spans Three Prefectures

Dorokyō Gorge (瀞峡) or Dorokyō Valley, located in the south of Totsukawa Village, is one of the National Places of Scenery Beauty (特別名勝). The picturesque valley remains a hidden gem to most. So if you enjoy various outdoor activities, Dorokyō can be the ideal destination to stop by when you visit the Kansai region!