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Hasshoku Center: The Kitchen of Hachinohe

Hasshoku Center (八食センター) is like Hachinohe’s kitchen, where agricultural products, groceries, and seafood can be sourced. While many shops and restaurants sell seafood and meat, it doesn’t mean you can’t find some delicious vegetarian dishes and snacks from the center.

If you are dropping by around lunchtime, there is a tempura restaurant where you can enjoy mouthwatering freshly fried vegetables and mushroom tempura.

For morning and afternoon tea, there are a couple of dessert shops and cafes that can keep your energy level up between the main meals (^_-)-☆.

Tip: We recommend visiting Hashhoku Center on weekdays to avoid the massive crowds. But, if you want to get an extra discount on the already cheap local produce and specialties, visit the center on weekends and public holidays.

Shichirin-mura (七厘村)

The center is probably most renowned for the barbecue restaurant Shichirin-mura (七厘村), which provides everything you need to enjoy the fresh ingredients you just purchased from the center. You can also order drinks and rice from their menu.

Although seafood and meat are not an option for vegetarians, if you want to enjoy some grilled vegetables and mushrooms, you will want to plan your visit properly if you visit Hasshoku Center on weekends and public holidays.

☛ In the off-peak season, you can call +81-178-29-4451 to reserve your seats. Your accommodation staff should be able to make a booking on your behalf if you don’t speak Japanese.
☛ Or, head straight to the restaurant and grab a number plate before shopping for the ingredients you want to grill. Otherwise, you might find yourself waiting in the queue for 2 to 3 hours.

  • You can use the barbecue facility from 9 am to 5 pm daily except Wednesdays.
  • The cost for a 2-hour session is
    • 400 yen for adults
    • 150 yen for elementary school students
  • Changing the grilling plate will incur extra costs.

Important: As a self-service facility, please clean up after you finish your meal.

Hasshoku Center’s Business Hours and Access Information

  • Hasshoku Center is open from 9 am to 6 pm daily except Wednesdays generally. The restaurants may have extended business hours till 7 pm or 9 pm.
    • You can also refer to the center’s calendar HERE. The pink block indicates the trading time for markets. Blocks in other colors are for restaurants.
  • To get to Hasshoku Center from Hachinohe Station (八戸駅), take the 100 Yen Loop Bus (100円バス) from the station’s east exit bus stop no. 4 and get off at Hasshoku Center (八食センター).
    • HERE is the timetable for the service. Please use the Japanese characters to read it.
  • From downtown Hachinohe, you can also take the 200 Yen Loop Bus (200円以下バス) from the City Center Terminal (Chūshin-gai Terminal, 中心街ターミナル).
    • HERE is the timetable for the service. Please use the Japanese characters to read it.
    • The bus fare is calculated based on the distance traveled. Please take a ticket when you board the bus and pay according to the price shown on the price table on the bus by matching your number.

Discovering Other Attractions in Hachinohe

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The city of Hachinohe is definitely one of the more unique cities in Japan. The biggest morning market in Japan is found here. The city also has a beautiful coastline that you can easily spend half a day trekking.

To find out more about what to do and where to go in Hachinohe, please refer to our Hachinohe article (=゚ω゚)ノ.

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