Jigoku Mushi Kōbō Kannawa’s Delicious Vegan Options


When you come to Beppu, a city that has a lot of steam coming out of the hot spring underground, you won’t want to miss steaming your own meal for yourself using that natural, mineral-rich steam!

One of the restaurants that provide this experience is Jigoku Mushi Kōbō Kannawa (地獄蒸し工房 鉄輪). You will be able to access it with a 20 mins bus ride from JR Beppu Station (別府駅)!

This method of steaming ingredients with the steam coming from the underground is called Jigoku Mushi (hell steam) locally. This is because the hot spring where the steam is coming from is so hot, it is like the heat of a fiery hell bubbling through the steam.

Although the name of the cuisine sounds scary, the steam not only brings out the true flavours of the food, it also adds a natural light mineral taste that compliments the ingredients nicely!

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