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Nyūtō Onsen and the 7 Unique Ryokans Deep in the Mountain

Nyūtō Onsen (乳頭温泉郷) is a rural hot spring resort in Akita Prefecture (秋田県) that consists of six ryokans and one hotel, each having its history, style, and spring quality. Listed as one of the 100 Japan Hidden Scenic Spots (日本の秘境100選), the resort is quietly nestled deep in the mountain at the base of Mt. Nyūtō.


Dakigaeri Valley And Its Mystical Turquoise Mountain Stream

When people visit Semboku city in Akita prefecture for leisure, their preferred destinations will most likely either be Nyūtō Onsen (乳頭温泉郷), Lake Tazawa (田沢湖), or Tamagawa Onsen (玉川温泉). While those spots are definitely worthwhile places to visit, we would recommend that you also drop by the Dakigaeri Valley (抱返り渓谷) as well! The valley is close …

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Bukeyashiki Street – Kakunodate’s Perfect Spot for History Buffs

Just like its name, the houses where samurai used to reside are lining up on Bukeyashiki Street (武家屋敷通り) in Kakunodate! A couple of these 200-year-old traditional houses are open to the public. Finding the differences in the construction of the houses between the home of top-ranked samurai, middle-ranked samurai, and lower-ranked samurai can be really fun!