Vegetarian's Japan Guide



Tsutsujigaoka Tenmangū and the Plum and Cherry Blossoms

If you visit Sendai between late February and late March, head to Tsutsujigaoka Tenmangū Shrine (榴岡天満宮) to adore the lovely plum blossoms. Just like all the Tenmangū shrines in Japan, Tsutsujigaoka Tenmangū enshrines Sugawara no Michizane (菅原道真). Because plum blossom is Michizane’s favorite flower, plum trees are planted here and there in the shrine’s precinct.


Kego Shrine – The City Oasis in Tenjin with Smiley Foxes

In the middle of the busy commercial Tenjin area, the Kego Shrine (警固神社) is a completely different space. The time seems to flow differently in the precinct, making it a nice spot to get some quiet time from the bustle surrounding the shrine.