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Michinoku Hydrangea Garden: Japan’s Best Hydrangea Spot

If you visit Ichinoseki in June or July, ensure Michinoku Hydrangea Garden (みちのくあじさい園) is on your itinerary. On the garden’s vast land of around 150,000㎡, 40,000 hydrangeas of 400 types are growing in the cedar forest. When the flowers reach full bloom, countless hydrangeas will cover the slope of the mountain, making it the best spot to adore the gorgeous hydrangea in Japan. During the season, the Michinoku Hydrangea Festival is also held (みちのくあじさいまつり).

Promenades are weaving through the mountains. There are three courses in the cedar forest. If you want to go around them all, ensure you are prepared to walk more than 2km, which takes around 90 to 120 minutes.

  • Kurenai Course (くれないコース)
    • The course goes past a vast hydrangea field filled with blue and white flowers.
  • Okuhime Course (奥姫コース)
    • This course is relatively flat, and the roads are well-maintained.
    • The course goes through various types of hydrangeas that have different colors and shapes.
  • Kenkyaku Course (健脚コース)
    • The area is filled with Annabelle hydrangea.

During the last couple of days of the season, the hydrangeas in the park are picked and floated in the garden’s pond in front of the restaurant. It is why visitors return to Michinoku Hydrangea Garden towards the end of the season.

© 一般社団法人東北観光推進機構

Other Flowers and Facilities at Michinoku Hydrangea Garden

Before the hydrangeas start blooming, the peonies at Michinoku Hydrangea Garden will blossom first from late April to May. The admission fee during this period is slightly cheaper than during the hydrangea festival.

Toilet facilities and restaurants are also available at Michinoku Hydrangea Garden. But note the broth used isn’t vegetarian.

Ⓒ 一関市観光協会

☛ The park is a mountain path that is not paved, so please wear waterproof shoes that are comfortable for walking.
☛ Please remember to apply insect repellent.

☛ The hydrangea season at Michinoku Hydrangea Garden is usually from late June to late July.
☛ To avoid traffic jams, it is best to visit Michinoku Hydrangea Garden just after the garden opens.
☛ Wheelchair-accessible restrooms are only available at the entrance.
☛ A club car with a driver can be rented for 700 yen per person for 40 minutes. You can make a reservation by calling the garden at +81-191-28-2349.

Michinoku Hydrangea Garden’s Opening Hours, Admission Fee, and Access Information

  • Michinoku Hydrangea Garden is open from 8 am to 5 pm.
    • The last admission is at 4 pm.
  • The admission fee is
    • 1,000 yen for adults
    • 200 yen for elementary and junior high school students
  • From JR Ichinoseki Station, take Iwateken Kotsu’s Geibikei Line (げいび渓線) bus service and get off at Mizukami (水上). The garden is then a 20-minute walk.
    • Note the bus service is limited. The official website HERE has the bus timetable attached.

Tip: During the hydrangea festival, free shuttle bus services operate between the Mizukami stop and the garden on weekends and public holidays.

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