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Tamura Shrine – Where You Can Join a Unique Cleansing Ritual

Do you feel like nothing you have done recently has gone smoothly? Then, next time you visit Japan, you may want to stop by Tamura Shrine (田村神社). Known for its power in helping pilgrims get rid of their bad luck, it is also a popular place to pray for a safe upcoming trip.


Aburahi Shrine – A Popular Movie Shooting Destination

While there are quite a few temples and shrines that frequently appear on the big screen, Aburahi Shrine (油日神社) isn’t just a film shooting location. Its splendid tower gate and gorgeous hallway blend perfectly with the surrounding scenery and beautiful nature!


The Ultimate Kōka City’s Ninja Attractions Guide

You must have heard of the occupation, ninja in your life. They are those people who snuck into enemies’ houses to gather information. To protect themselves, they developed a series of ninja martial arts that helped them disguise themselves and/or escape from the scene smoothly.