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The Best Guide to Ikaho Ropeway and Uenoyama Park

Because a ropeway is expensive to build and maintain, it usually means at the mountain top station, magnificent scenery awaits. This is the case for Ikaho Ropeway. The panoramic view from Uenoyama Park next to the ropeway station is breathtaking. So when you visit Ikaho Onsen in Gunma Prefecture, allocate an hour or two away from the onsen tub for what these two spots have to offer!

Ikaho Ropeway (伊香保ロープウェイ)

Another benefit to visiting Ikaho Onsen is you can get to an observation deck up in the mountain without much effort and in just 4 minutes. The cable car departing from the Hototogisu Station (不如帰駅) next to Ikaho Bus Terminal will carry you to the Miharashi Station (見晴駅) 955m above the ground for a panoramic view of nearby mountains. In winter, you can also ice skate at the rink next to the Miharashi Station!

Hototogisu Station is a 5-story building with a ticket counter and sightseeing corner at the ground level. Please purchase a ticket from the vending machine here. The cable cars depart from the platform on the 4th floor. Coin-operated lockers and toilet facilities can also be found on the 2nd floor. For a wide view of Ikaho Onsen Town, head to the observation hall on level 5.

Instead of taking the ropeway back down, you can also purchase a one-way ticket and hike down from the Miharashi Station. The promenade from Ikaho Shrine is just 1km.

☛ You can use the escalator to get to the cable car platform on the 4th floor.
☛ If you have a valid Ikaho Line 1-Day or 2-Day Bus Pass (伊香保線 1日フリー乗車券), you can get a 10% discount for the ropeway ticket. You can also obtain an Ikaho Travel Book (伊香保旅手帳) from Shibukawa Ikaho Onsen Tourism Association (渋川伊香保温泉観光協会). It should give you a 10% discount on the ropeway ticket too.

Ikaho Ropeway’s Business Hours, Cost, and Access Information

  • Ikaho Ropeway operates from 9 am to 5 pm in 15-minute intervals.
    • The last cable car heading up the mountain is at 4:45 pm.
  • The cost for a return trip is:
    • 830 yen for adults
    • 410 yen for elementary school students and younger
  • The cost of a single trip is:
    • 500 yen for adults
    • 250 yen for elementary school students and younger
  • Ikaho Ropeway is next to Ikaho Bus Terminal (伊香保バスターミナル) or Ikaho Onsen (伊香保温泉). From the bus stop, Jinja-Shita (神社下), it is a 3-minute walk.

Uenoyama Park (上ノ山公園)

Ikaho Ropeway’s Miharashi Station is located at the side of the observation park called Uenoyama. It is a great spot to visit for families, couples, and those who like hiking. The playsets in the park will keep your little ones entertained while you adore various types of azaleas in the park. From late October to mid-November, Ueoyama Park is one of the best spots in Ikaho for fall foliage hunting.

If you enjoy hiking, the promenade on the left-hand side of Ikaho Shrine’s 2nd torii gate leads to Uenoyama Park. It will take around 20 to 30 minutes to climb up. The hiking trail is generally well-maintained but can be slippery when wet or covered by fallen leaves.

As we all want to share spectacular views with our loved ones, you might encounter many couples in the park. The spot offering the best view is called Tokimeki Deck (ときめきデッキ), which is a 10-minute walk from Miharashi Station. If your significant half is with you when you visit the round observation deck, remember to ring the Bell of Happiness (幸せの鐘). Putting whether the bell will bring you happiness aside, doing things like this together will surely have a positive impact on your relationship (´ω`*).

From Uenoyama Park, you can also trek to Ikaho Forest Park (伊香保森林公園), which offers 5 hiking courses in Ikaho’s nature.

Discover Other Attractions in Ikaho Onsen

Ikaho Stone Stairway Ikaho Onsen Shibusawa Gunma Japan
Click the photo for more information about Ikaho Onsen’s attractions!

In addition to Ikaho Ropeway and Uenoyama Park, Ikaho Onsen has a lot more to offer. From the restaurants and shops lining the Ishidan Stone Stairs to a couple more interesting attractions, you will surely want to include more attractions on your itinerary for your visit to the hot spring town.

So refer to our Best Guide to the Must-Visit Spots in Ikaho Onsen to plan your visit!