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Aomori Prefecture


Mt. Shirakami and the Picturesque Jūniko Lake

Continuing from our article on Mt. Shirakami, which introduced the world-class virgin beech forest and beautiful waterfalls on the east side of the vast mountain area, this time, we want to introduce the gorgeous Jūniko Lake area on the west to you!


Lake Towada – A Stunning Lake with Various Adventures

Lake Towada (十和田湖) isn’t just a beautiful lake that straddles both Aomori and Akita Prefecture in Northeastern Japan. Whether you prefer water sports, stroll around the virgin forest, or just like to eat, Lake Towada is a destination for everyone!


Yakeyama – The Entrance of the Stunning Oirase Gorge

Yakeyama area (焼山) is said to be the entrance to Oirase Gorge (or the goal if you are coming from Lake Towada). As a base for visitors to rejuvenate from hiking and trekking, the area has a number of restaurants, ryokans/hotels, a ski resort, and even the most temperamental Ginkgo in Japan!


Hakkōda Ropeway to Yakeyama, the Prelude to Oirase Gorge

While you might know of or have been to the beautiful Oirase Gorge, did you know that there are other scenic spots in the area, such as Hakkōda Ropeway (八甲田ロープウェー) or Tsuta-Numa Pond (蔦沼)? Read on to find out more!