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Fukuda Pan: Morioka’s Must-Visit Flavored Bread Shop

Apart from the noodle dishes, there is a bread shop that is also quite well-known in Morioka. Fukuda Pan (福田パン) specializes in putting various types of spreads between the hot dog bun-like bread. In addition to the typical flavors, such as peanut butter or fried noodles, uncommon flavors are also available for those who want to feel adventurous. Because you can choose two spreads/fillings from more than 50 options, the number of flavors available at Fukuda Pan is endless!

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About Fukuda Pan

The shop was founded in 1948. As it is open from 7 am until it sells out, it is a nice spot to start your day with. If you are not in a hurry, enjoy the bread in its dine-in space. Just note that there might already be a queue at 7 am!

The fluffy bun used at Fukuda Pan is made in the bakery’s factory each morning. The bakery’s bread is so loved by the locals that it has become Iwate Prefecture‘s local specialty. In addition to the main store in Morioka‘s city center, it also has a couple of more bakeries in Iwate. Apparently the factory needs to make around 10,000 buns a day!

If you are unsure about which two flavors to order, the best-seller is butter and red bean paste (あんバター). Matcha and red bean paste (抹茶あん) is another popular sweet-flavored choice. If you plan to have it for lunch, the Original Vegetable (オリジナル野菜), which includes cheese, cabbage, tomato, and more, can be a good choice. The lotus root and Shimeji mushroom (れんこんしめじ) with spicy butter is another recommended flavor.

Remember to ask the staff to exclude mayonnaise if you don’t eat eggs.

Note that there are two ways that Fukuda Pan can make your sweet bread. One is to have the chosen flavors spread on the top and bottom sides of the bread. When the bread is combined, the flavors are mixed.

The other method is to apply each flavor on the right and left sides of the bread so the flavors are not mixed. Please let the staff know which one you prefer.

☛ If you don’t plan on eating the buns straightaway, heat it up if you can. It will be even more delicious!
☛ For the sweet flavors, you can pay extra to increase the amount of spread on your bread.
☛ If you plan to visit Fukuda Pan on a weekday, the bakery is less busy between 9 am and noon.
☛ Fujita Pan also has a branch at Morioka Bus Terminal (refer to the last photo in the IG post).
☛ Fujita Pan’s bread is also sold at shops in Morioka Station.

Our Visit to Fujita Pan

We visited Fujita Pan around 8 a.m. on a weekday. Although there were around 10 people in the queue, the queue moved quickly, and it was our turn in less than 10 minutes. There were so many flavors that deciding which one to get was hard!

In addition to the flavors on the menu, there were also special flavors on the blackboard. So, we ended up with three koppe pans: butter + red bean paste, lotus root + Shimeji mushroom, and the three berries cream + cookie and vanilla. 

The staff was so friendly and considerate. She noticed that we were taking photos. So, after she finished applying the spread on the bread, she showed us the finished product so we could take photos. We ended up queuing for the second round and took a video of the process (´▽`*).

How did the bread taste? The sweet ones had the right sugar level. The savory flavor was delicious, and it was like eating a sandwich. 

How Long Does Fukuda Pan’s Koppe Pan Last

We were told that the sweet flavors could last until the next day, but the savory ones needed to be finished by the end of the day.

Note that we visited Morioka in early spring. If you plan to purchase Fukuda Pan’s koppe pan during summertime, check with the staff again when you are there.

Fukuda Pan’s Business Hours and Access Information

  • Fukuda Pan is open from 7 am to 4 pm from Wednesday to Monday.
  • The bakery is a 15-minute walk from JR Morioka Station (盛岡駅).

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