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Hotel Yamanoha – The Hotel with the Best View of Kurobe Gorge

Coming to Kurobe Gorge does take a bit of time from Tokyo or Osaka. Walking between platforms with bulky luggage is also a hassle to get to the next connecting train. But soon after you get off the train, you will realize all the hustle you have just been through is worth it because the scenery in front of you is just spectacular!

Instead of a day trip, how about spending a night at Hotel Yamanoha (ホテルやまのは)?

It is just a 3-minute walk from Unazuki Onsen Station at one end of the gorge. You can enjoy the magnificent views of Kurobe Gorge, Kurobe River, and the famous New Yamabiko Bridge while relaxing in a natural hot spring that makes your skin so smooth afterwards that you don’t even need to put on lotion!

View of Kurobe Gorge from Hotel Yamanoha
Ⓒ Hotel Yamanoha

Enjoy the Spectacular View of Kurobe Gorge while Relaxing in Onsen

Tana-Yu (棚湯)

Tana-yu Hotel Yamanoha Kurobe Gorge Toyama Japan
Ⓒ Hotel Yamanoha

If you are after a panoramic view of Kurobe Gorge, the River, and the New Yamabiko Bridge, head to the hot spring pool area “Tana-Yu”.

The majority of the hot spring in this area is outdoors.

One of the hot spring pools in the Tana-Yu area is called Ne-yu (寝湯). You won’t find many places in the world that have a bathing pool for you to “sleep” in!

The design of the onsen pool allows you to doze off slowly while having a great view of Kurobe Gorge in front of you.

The wooden log acts as a pillow for a bed.

Ne-yu Hotel Yamanoha Kurobe Gorge Toyama Japan
Ⓒ Hotel Yamanoha

Ōkurobe (大浴場「大黒部」)

Okurobe Hotel Yamanoha Kurobe Gorge Toyama Japan
Ⓒ Hotel Yamanoha

Similar to the Tana-Yu, the Ōkurobe comes with a great view of the surrounding nature (but not the New Yamabiko Bridge).

Unlike the Tana-Yu, most of the bathing area is enclosed by see-through glass.

The saunas in the Okurobe area are “dry”, similar to an oven.

Private Bath (貸切風呂)

If you aren’t comfortable with public bathing, book the Private Bath when you arrive at the hotel.

You can still see nature outside (though not as great compared to the two public bathing areas). But hey, you have the whole bathing area all for yourself!

Private Bath Hotel Yamanoha Kurobe Gorge Toyama Japan
Ⓒ Hotel Yamanoha

Dining at Hotel Yamanoha

Dining at Hotel Yamanonha is another great experience.

The hotel’s restaurant “Seeds” is an all-you-can-eat style restaurant that has chefs cooking in front of you! The ingredients used by the restaurant are directly sourced from local produce.

As Toyama Prefecture is surrounded by ocean and mountains, the hotel is able to source fresh produce from the fields and fresh seafood for those who aren’t vegetarians.

For our vegetarian fellows, as the hotel has a culturally diverse range of staff, simple English communication shouldn’t be a problem. If you have concerns with the ingredients of the dishes that you are interested in, the staff in the restaurants will be more than happy to help you (=゚ω゚)ノ. Otherwise, utilize the phrases in our Essential Japanese Travel Phrases for Vegetarians and Vegans to confirm with the staff the dishes that you can eat.

Guestrooms at Hotel Yamanoha

Gustrooms Hotel Yamanoha Kurobe Gorge Toyama Japan
Ⓒ Hotel Yamanoha

Forget about all the tiny hotel rooms in the big cities in Japan. Hotel Yamanoha is definitely not stingy with its guest’s space. Even the standard room is at least 28-square-meter big!

On top of the abundant space, all rooms provide you with a great natural view outside!

If you want to be guaranteed a view of the Kurobe River, make sure you choose the Main Building Deluxe Japanese + Western Style Room.

You can, however, always try your luck with other types of rooms that may suit your budget better. In this case, your room may or may not come with the Kurobe River view. We can help you add this request to your booking HERE, but again, NO GUARANTEES!

Other Great Facilities at Hotel Yamanoha

Cafe Lounge – Keyaki (カフェラウンジ「欅-KEYAKI-」)

If you are not a bath person, come to the Keyaki area.

Relax into the comfortable chairs while enjoying the view of Kurobe Gorge, Kurobe River, and both the New and the Old Yamabiko Bridge without stepping outside the hotel!

Cafe Lounge - Keyaki Hotel Yamanoha Kurobe Gorge Toyama Japan
Ⓒ Hotel Yamanoha

Karaoke House (カラオケハウス)

Karaoke House Hotel Yamanoha Kurobe Gorge Toyama Japan
Ⓒ Hotel Yamanoha

If you love singing, ensure you utilize the Karaoke House at Hotel Yamanoha!

The Karaoke House is open between 8 pm and 11 pm each day.

They not only provide Japanese songs, but English and other languages songs are also available for you to enjoy!

Table Tennis Corner (卓球コーナー)

Looking for some extra exercise?

Book with the reception to have a few table tennis games with your friends or family!

Kids Corner (キッズコーナー)

If you are visiting Kurobe Gorge with young kids, head to the hotel’s second floor.

The kids’ corner is always available!

Kids Corner Hotel Yamanoha Kurobe Gorge Toyama Japan
Ⓒ Hotel Yamanoha

How to Get to Hotel Yamanoha

It is just a 3-minute away from Toyama Chihō Railway’s Unazaki Onsen Station!

Find out more about how to get to Toyama Chihō Railway’s Unazaki Onsen Station HERE (=゚ω゚)ノ

Explore the Attractions at Kurobe Gorge

Kurobe Gorge (Kurobe Kyōkoku – 黒部峡谷), located in the mountains of the Northern Japan Alps, is one of Japan’s top 100 hidden scenic spots. It is the No.1 V-shaped Gorge in Japan! With its almost vertical cliffs and virgin forests plus the hot springs in the area, it is one of the most popular places for Japanese seeking relaxation amidst nature.

To discover all the scenic spots in Kurobe Gorge, refer to our Kurobe Gorge article!

Click the stunning photo to explore the scenic spots around Kurobe Gorge!

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